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Question: A couple of questions, actually; first one would be why the "subdirectory per project" option is/was not a default from the start? It works perfectly and makes life so much easier. :-) The second question relates to Save Take dialog. If one clicks on "Delete sected" and no item is selected, the application window/dialog loses focus. Seemingly this only affects Linux. Is there a fix in the works, or should I consider wrangling the window manager? Keep up the good work!!
Asked by Pellie (185.227.72.x) on May 22 2024, 7:46am
Reply on May 22 2024, 1:38pm:
    These are probably too REAPER-y to really be answered here (see note above) .. but re: the second part, I've noticed this annoyance too, I think it's window-manager specific, but I should see if I can come up with a workaround.

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