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Question: Are there some branches in the "in house" REAPER repo that were stashed for good? What did they contain? Curious about the parts the end user never get to see :)
Asked by smandrap (188.12.128.x) on May 27 2024, 1:13pm
Reply on May 27 2024, 7:25pm:
    we have some "hold" branches which are there for future use. Sometimes they were in a +dev build but then deemed not ready. Other things that could be useful someday but have no real point now (like using a slightly newer CoreAudio API on macOS - no point in switching now, but if at some point we have to update to a newer dev tools and they remove the old API, we'll need it). Or something to use the new Win10+ thread name API, which would be useful for debuggers. Except- no debuggers currently support it, lol.

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