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Question: This wave of AI is be shaping up to be an aggressive bubble, surely?
Asked by Cobol (193.32.126.x) on May 31 2024, 9:06am
Reply on May 31 2024, 4:21pm (edited at May 31 2024, 4:22pm):
    It's certainly interesting, however whether it becomes sufficiently useful to justify the cost in contexts where the risks are tolerable is another question. What I will say is that I don't find it appealing, personally.

  • Posted by Will (23.125.224.x) on May 31 2024, 5:20pm:
    Consider the appeal of medical applications. AI is identifying all kinds of stuff in radiological scans that the human might miss. Stuff like that is hugely beneficial to mankind!

  • Posted by Justin on May 31 2024, 6:46pm:
    Potentially. There are a lot of caveats, though. Some examples: incidental findings can produce negative outcomes in a lot of cases, some AI models were thought to be effective but were actually detecting other attributes related to the technician's decisionmaking, etc. There is benefit to be had for sure, but the question is whether it is worth the costs (both computational and human).

  • Posted by Justin on May 31 2024, 6:47pm:
    ...which is to be seen!

  • Posted by 2024 (86.138.246.x) on May 31 2024, 8:52pm:
    wether "we" like it or not- this is the agenda being pushed forward by certain people-- however: we do have benevolent beings watching..observing...counting the true costs...."they" have far more advanced tech..humans are microscopic specks compared...but! "they" know what we truly are...soul having a matrixed,holographic experience...heh

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