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Question: did you ever imagine you could basically run your rig and personal stuff with an M1 mac book air? like in the small format kind of thing, not that at that time there would be any equivalent. Say, when you started coding reaper, or even before with winamp. I feel these computers are really snappy (M2 max here) and that changes things hahah so yeah, would you have pogrammed reaper to be so power efficient still? Knowing this was ahead a few years after? altho I guess that snappiness is also thanks to you guys
Asked by alex (187.213.115.x) on June 4 2024, 5:50am
Reply on June 4 2024, 12:59pm:
    Hah most of my recording is done on a i7 from like 2010 so not surprising at all! The more amazing thing is you could do most of it on a Raspberry Pi these days...

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