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Question: what do you think of Llama Group’s announcement to open source Winamp?
Asked by jdubs (67.245.7.x) on June 10 2024, 12:22am
Reply on June 10 2024, 2:01am:
    as I mentioned before in a previous answer, it's ancient terrible code that nobody would want to work on anyway (the leaked version going nowhere pretty much proves that IMO). We'll see if they actually open source it with some permissive license, I predict that they will not.

  • Posted by Matthew (76.37.54.x) on June 13 2024, 6:18am:
    Like wise. Doubt it too. Quite honestly, I feel that they don't want to pay developers to work on the code so they are

  • Posted by Matthew (76.37.54.x) on June 13 2024, 6:20am:
    As I was saying before getting cut off by a misclick. I am sure they are "open sourcing" the code so they don't have to pay developers.

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