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Question: Justin, are you OK? I don't like the idea of you biking around New York anymore.
Asked by Mommy (76.110.183.x) on October 31 2017, 9:30pm
Reply on October 31 2017, 9:53pm:
    Yep thanks. :( but life's dangerous anyway.
Question: Are you a big fan of any apps that you use regularly and wished that you were on the developer team? Which ones?
Asked by Mommy (76.110.183.x) on October 31 2017, 5:09pm
Reply on October 31 2017, 6:56pm (edited at October 31 2017, 6:59pm):
    For isolated instances, sure. At this moment, I'd like to improve the Strava app for the Apple Watch...
Question: If you did buy back Winamp, what would you do with it?
Asked by Will (23.125.224.x) on October 29 2017, 2:30am
Reply on October 29 2017, 7:27pm:
    Clean it up and pull out the licensed crap that was put into it for the wrong reasons, put it on github and accept patches.
Question: Hi Justin, if Winamp is not terribly valuable, that is the time to get it back at a good price. Then project is to make it very valuable again. Please think about it.
Asked by Larry (96.37.101.x) on October 28 2017, 6:10pm
Reply on October 28 2017, 10:31pm:
    If the owners were willing to sell it, I'd be willing to buy it... but I don't think they are.
Question: Why do you still have a note about not asking reaper questions when this predominately exists for precisely that now?
Asked by Will (50.84.190.x) on October 26 2017, 6:02pm
Reply on October 26 2017, 6:54pm (edited at October 26 2017, 6:56pm):
    It doesn't exist for that (and while people are not reading the note, there are a lot of people who ask other things). REAPER-related programming questions are fair, though.

    Your question is: why do you want to have a site for A when XX% of people want it to be B? The answer is because B would be incredibly annoying.

    From now on though I will just delete questions covered by the note above.
Question: Jeffos put a check in SWS to not patch chunk while recording back in 2010. goo.gl/9pFVBdYou think it's still necessary ? Asking b/c of goo.gl/wqmf5C
Asked by nofish (79.246.89.x) on October 25 2017, 12:28pm
Reply on October 25 2017, 1:33pm:
    Looking at the earlier comments, that code was merged-in in ab997b8, hard to see the original context though since that is not a merge commit (just a regular commit). It does mention this thread, most of which is obsolete. There shouldn't be anything special about recording-vs-playback, however I would put a couple of caveats on there:
    1. most REAPER APIs are designed only to be used from the main (GUI) thread, not from audio threads or from plug-in-created threads.
    2. pretty much anything done during playback should be able to be done during recording. If you're modifying track recording parameters, those parameters may not latch during recording until recording is stopped/started again (or the track disarmed/armed, etc).
    3. from the main thread, if you set state, you might be able to interrupt audio, but in general it shouldn't be a crash.
    I don't really know what the original intent was, I'd try testing a lot with that check disabled... but it shouldn't be necessary in general.
Question: Hey Justin! Question about sub sessions within Reaper, are there any plans to keep the routing from the main session tot he subsession? Seems like the routing is set to a default rather than inheriting settings from the master session
Asked by Jeremy (160.33.43.x) on October 25 2017, 12:52am
Reply on October 25 2017, 1:34pm:
    This is not the place, post on the forums (see above!).
Question: Do you think other daws will ever catch up with how CPU effecient reaper is? Is the main key to this the Anticipative FX you implemented?
Asked by mlprod (155.4.132.x) on October 24 2017, 8:18pm
Reply on October 25 2017, 1:34pm:
    Who knows?
Question: Hello Justin) I wanna ask u some books, sites,chanels about sound programming. What was books with you start, what you read now?
Asked by Vladislav (109.252.36.x) on October 24 2017, 12:52am
Reply on October 25 2017, 1:35pm:
    Sorry I'm of no help here, most of the books I've read are very old and outdated ;)
Question: What human/superhuman feat can I perform to get Area Selection to the top of the Reaper FR heap?
Asked by l33t (130.179.244.x) on October 23 2017, 3:32pm
Reply on October 23 2017, 6:09pm:
    Reading the fine print would be a good start
Question: Re: LVN_COLUMNCLICK works but it's left click. Eventually, used WM_CONTEXTMENU and detect if rclick is within listview header, etc.
Asked by Gio (79.130.190.x) on October 17 2017, 3:32pm
Reply on October 17 2017, 5:50pm:
    Ah right, that's what we do too
Question: Why should we prefer iOS?
Asked by Tayfun (5.46.117.x) on October 17 2017, 7:33am
Reply on October 17 2017, 3:03pm:
    I dunno, as far as phone OSes it's pretty good, but for non-phone-use I'd take Linux or macOS myself.
Question: I use WM_NOTIFY: ...LPNMHDR)lparam)->code == NM_RCLICK && wparam = 0 to capture rclick in listview header but that approach doesn't seem to work under [edit]wine. Am I doing it wrong, any alternative suggestions?
Asked by Gio (85.73.134.x) on October 16 2017, 4:59pm
Reply on October 17 2017, 3:02pm:
Question: What happens if REAPER stops developing you?
Asked by wasereb4 (87.167.84.x) on October 15 2017, 6:04pm
Reply on October 17 2017, 3:02pm:
Question: Best way to get in touch with you via Email? justin@cuckos.com bounced back :-(
Asked by Nate (71.125.44.x) on October 11 2017, 2:40pm
Reply on October 11 2017, 3:11pm:
    Looks like you misspelled it
Question: Can I acquire permissions to publish my original music to Winamp AVS Visualizer video?
Asked by Joe V (97.93.2.x) on October 10 2017, 11:58pm
Reply on October 11 2017, 12:49am:
    I don’t think you need permission.
Question: What happens if you stop breathing?
Asked by wasereb4 (79.246.89.x) on October 9 2017, 9:13am
Reply on October 9 2017, 12:50pm:
    You lose consciousness and start breathing again, from what I understand.
Question: What happens if you stop developing REAPER?
Asked by Heiko (213.168.89.x) on October 7 2017, 11:50am
Reply on October 7 2017, 11:18pm:
    What happens if you stop breathing?
Question: Having to scroll through long ass files vs having to tab between multiple smaller files? Where do you draw the line?
Asked by fmap (142.163.90.x) on October 7 2017, 1:06am
Reply on October 7 2017, 11:19pm:
    Laziness usually prevails, so files end up bigger (and less numerous) than they should be. It would be improved if we didn't have half a dozen different build systems (vc6/vc2005/vc13/xcode3/xcode5/makefile)
Question: Do you use GitFlow in REAPER development? nvie.com/posts/a-successful-git-branching-model/ If not, what pattern do you use
Asked by mabian (79.54.163.x) on September 30 2017, 12:37pm
Reply on October 1 2017, 8:00pm:
    We have a master branch which things ready-for-stable-release go on, then we have feature branches and a branch for potential releases (which combines the feature branches with master), and the potential release branch sometimes gets reset to master depending on how things go...
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