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Question: While the bubble is popping, why don't you buy some bitcoins and then sell it? :) [permalink]
Asked by Vital (212.87.13.x) on December 10 2017, 2:30pm
Reply on December 10 2017, 6:54pm:
    hmm not sure what that would accomplish

Question: Why have we not met yet? [permalink]
Asked by hywel (67.247.49.x) on December 10 2017, 5:39am
Reply on December 11 2017, 8:03pm:
    Timing is everything, I guess?

Question: What are your thoughts on bitcoin's crazy price surge this week? [permalink]
Asked by Will (23.125.224.x) on December 7 2017, 9:28pm
Reply on December 7 2017, 10:36pm:
    Waiting for the bubble to pop, only question is how high it will go! Crazy though. Totally crazy.

Question: Has your opinion of functional programmed changed since the last time someone asked about it? What style/paradigm/philosophy influences Reaper the most? [permalink]
Asked by ArAd (69.120.228.x) on December 7 2017, 5:02pm
Reply on December 7 2017, 10:36pm:
    I dunno, it's not something I think about much.

Question: Have you listened to Steven Wilson? If you haven't, check Hand.Cannot.Erase, it's a fantastic album [permalink]
Asked by Markus (181.29.177.x) on December 6 2017, 8:54am
Reply on December 6 2017, 2:47pm:
    Thanks, I'll check it out!

Question: I love your music, what type of music do you listen to and how do you inspire yourself? [permalink]
Asked by Georgy (172.250.71.x) on December 4 2017, 8:48pm
Reply on December 4 2017, 10:06pm:
    Thanks! Bands I've listened to recently, randomly off the top of my head in no particular order: Mogwai, Radiohead, Gabor Szabo, Can, Menomena, Papier Tigre, Portishead, Deerhoof, Built to Spill, Portugal The Man...

    Inspiration -- playing with other people can be fantastic, just played with two friends today and had plenty of songs to improve sing on the bike ride home.

Question: Tell the truth, my consistent "inappropriate" ARA questions made you finally cave in? Either way, thank you, thank you, thank you! [permalink]
Asked by Mommy (38.132.118.x) on December 3 2017, 9:12pm
Reply on December 3 2017, 9:53pm:
    No, I was resolved, schwa is the one finishing it ;)

Question: Hi Justin, I'm sorry I don't want to bother you with nodal stuff again but could you give API function for that at least? It's really needed. Thank you for your time [permalink]
Asked by Ivan (94.137.30.x) on December 3 2017, 4:34am
Reply on December 3 2017, 1:56pm:
    Forums, man.

Question: When swapping FX order via chunk, FXGUID's are not reordered, see https://goo.gl/aouFHN. Background: Trying to fix https://goo.gl/pUoG6i. Wondering, is this intended behaviour and SWS should work around it (manually swapping FXGUID's afterwards?) or a bug which could be fixed in R. ? [permalink]
Asked by nofish (87.167.85.x) on December 1 2017, 6:40pm
Reply on December 1 2017, 7:35pm (edited at December 1 2017, 8:03pm):
    email me or PM me on the forum, better place to discuss than here. Just took a look -- it's because SnM/SnM_ChunkParserPatcher.h RemoveAllIds() removes the FXID lines, duh.

Question: I just discovered this GPL/Multi-OS Sampler (and his intriguing HLAC audio encoding) and wanted to let you know: https://github.com/christophhart/HISE/ [permalink]
Asked by Dali (142.213.37.x) on November 30 2017, 9:25pm
Reply on December 1 2017, 5:52pm:
    Nifty, I'll assume you're asking me if I've tried it -- I haven't.

Question: are there any code examples showing how you do rea..Plug guis? e.g. non iplug reaper vsts? [permalink]
Asked by olilarkin (82.132.226.x) on November 29 2017, 10:41pm
Reply on November 30 2017, 12:04am:
Question: oh really? why do you keep that information private? [permalink]
Asked by aombk (87.203.75.x) on November 28 2017, 4:40pm
Reply on November 28 2017, 5:22pm:
    There's no advantage to making it public that I can see.

Question: do you have some kind of data or can you estimate how many people use reaper? [permalink]
Asked by aombk (87.203.75.x) on November 28 2017, 3:15pm
Reply on November 28 2017, 3:48pm:
    Yes, roughly, but we keep that information private.

Question: Have you ever been approached by any "big" companies that wanted to buy you out? [permalink]
Asked by Mommy (76.110.183.x) on November 28 2017, 12:54am
Reply on November 28 2017, 2:09am:
    Not lately

Question: How has your concentration level changed as you've aged? Are you able to stay focused as long as you did when you were 18? Any noticeable changes? [permalink]
Asked by Will (50.84.190.x) on November 27 2017, 7:08pm
Reply on November 27 2017, 9:11pm:
    Hard to say, I'd like to think the problems I work on now are more complex than the ones I worked on then...

Question: do you advertise reaper? have you ever had a booth at NAMM or other shows/expos? what is your opinion about these things? do they help? [permalink]
Asked by aombk (87.203.75.x) on November 27 2017, 12:03pm
Reply on November 27 2017, 2:03pm:
    No and no. My opinion is that those things are incredibly tedious and I'd rather spend my time programming and testing and making music and drinking coffee and running. :)

Question: Hi Justin, how's it going? Excuse me if I'm wrong but I wonder why do you avoid creation any nodal routing and modulation in Reaper? [permalink]
Asked by Ivan (217.25.213.x) on November 26 2017, 8:37pm
Reply on November 27 2017, 12:28am:
    We did a little work on something like that (at least for visualization of effective routing) but then lost interest...

Question: the best way to relax? [permalink]
Asked by Georgy (172.250.71.x) on November 25 2017, 1:14am
Reply on November 25 2017, 5:48pm:

Question: top 3 best coffee by country? [permalink]
Asked by jons (155.4.134.x) on November 24 2017, 10:37am
Reply on November 25 2017, 1:01am:
    Ambiguous question... so many ways to answer. I think my favorite latte in NYC is from Gasoline Alley on Lafayette and Bleecker... That’s only one thing, but it’s an answer to a question you were not asking. Maybe you were talking about places coffee is grown? Or what countries make the best coffee drinks? In case of the former, I would say that variety is the spice of life eh, and the second, I only have limited experience in countries where i’ve consumed coffee...

Question: Hello, i am a audio plugin developer. the licensing model of reaper is interesting. i have a couple of questions about it and about some other things. is there a way we can talk, but not in front of everybody? [permalink]
Asked by aombk (87.203.75.x) on November 24 2017, 2:31am
Reply on November 24 2017, 4:07am:
    Sure, email should be easy to figure out (first name, company name)
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