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Question: While the bubble is popping, why don't you buy some bitcoins and then sell it? :)
Asked by Vital (212.87.13.x) on December 10 2017, 2:30pm
Reply on December 10 2017, 6:54pm:
    hmm not sure what that would accomplish
Question: Why have we not met yet?
Asked by hywel (67.247.49.x) on December 10 2017, 5:39am
Reply on December 11 2017, 8:03pm:
    Timing is everything, I guess?
Question: What are your thoughts on bitcoin's crazy price surge this week?
Asked by Will (23.125.224.x) on December 7 2017, 9:28pm
Reply on December 7 2017, 10:36pm:
    Waiting for the bubble to pop, only question is how high it will go! Crazy though. Totally crazy.
Question: Has your opinion of functional programmed changed since the last time someone asked about it? What style/paradigm/philosophy influences Reaper the most?
Asked by ArAd (69.120.228.x) on December 7 2017, 5:02pm
Reply on December 7 2017, 10:36pm:
    I dunno, it's not something I think about much.
Question: Have you listened to Steven Wilson? If you haven't, check Hand.Cannot.Erase, it's a fantastic album
Asked by Markus (181.29.177.x) on December 6 2017, 8:54am
Reply on December 6 2017, 2:47pm:
    Thanks, I'll check it out!
Question: I love your music, what type of music do you listen to and how do you inspire yourself?
Asked by Georgy (172.250.71.x) on December 4 2017, 8:48pm
Reply on December 4 2017, 10:06pm:
    Thanks! Bands I've listened to recently, randomly off the top of my head in no particular order: Mogwai, Radiohead, Gabor Szabo, Can, Menomena, Papier Tigre, Portishead, Deerhoof, Built to Spill, Portugal The Man...

    Inspiration -- playing with other people can be fantastic, just played with two friends today and had plenty of songs to improve sing on the bike ride home.
Question: Tell the truth, my consistent "inappropriate" ARA questions made you finally cave in? Either way, thank you, thank you, thank you!
Asked by Mommy (38.132.118.x) on December 3 2017, 9:12pm
Reply on December 3 2017, 9:53pm:
    No, I was resolved, schwa is the one finishing it ;)
Question: Hi Justin, I'm sorry I don't want to bother you with nodal stuff again but could you give API function for that at least? It's really needed. Thank you for your time
Asked by Ivan (94.137.30.x) on December 3 2017, 4:34am
Reply on December 3 2017, 1:56pm:
    Forums, man.
Question: When swapping FX order via chunk, FXGUID's are not reordered, see goo.gl/aouFHN.Background: Trying to fix goo.gl/pUoG6i.Wondering, is this intended behaviour and SWS should work around it (manually swapping FXGUID's afterwards?) or a bug which could be fixed in R. ?
Asked by nofish (87.167.85.x) on December 1 2017, 6:40pm
Reply on December 1 2017, 7:35pm (edited at December 1 2017, 8:03pm):
    email me or PM me on the forum, better place to discuss than here. Just took a look -- it's because SnM/SnM_ChunkParserPatcher.h RemoveAllIds() removes the FXID lines, duh.
Question: I just discovered this GPL/Multi-OS Sampler (and his intriguing HLAC audio encoding) and wanted to let you know: github.com/christophhart/HISE/
Asked by Dali (142.213.37.x) on November 30 2017, 9:25pm
Reply on December 1 2017, 5:52pm:
    Nifty, I'll assume you're asking me if I've tried it -- I haven't.
Question: are there any code examples showing how you do rea..Plug guis? e.g. non iplug reaper vsts?
Asked by olilarkin (82.132.226.x) on November 29 2017, 10:41pm
Reply on November 30 2017, 12:04am:
Question: oh really? why do you keep that information private?
Asked by aombk (87.203.75.x) on November 28 2017, 4:40pm
Reply on November 28 2017, 5:22pm:
    There's no advantage to making it public that I can see.
Question: do you have some kind of data or can you estimate how many people use reaper?
Asked by aombk (87.203.75.x) on November 28 2017, 3:15pm
Reply on November 28 2017, 3:48pm:
    Yes, roughly, but we keep that information private.
Question: Have you ever been approached by any "big" companies that wanted to buy you out?
Asked by Mommy (76.110.183.x) on November 28 2017, 12:54am
Reply on November 28 2017, 2:09am:
    Not lately
Question: How has your concentration level changed as you've aged? Are you able to stay focused as long as you did when you were 18? Any noticeable changes?
Asked by Will (50.84.190.x) on November 27 2017, 7:08pm
Reply on November 27 2017, 9:11pm:
    Hard to say, I'd like to think the problems I work on now are more complex than the ones I worked on then...
Question: do you advertise reaper? have you ever had a booth at NAMM or other shows/expos? what is your opinion about these things? do they help?
Asked by aombk (87.203.75.x) on November 27 2017, 12:03pm
Reply on November 27 2017, 2:03pm:
    No and no. My opinion is that those things are incredibly tedious and I'd rather spend my time programming and testing and making music and drinking coffee and running. :)
Question: Hi Justin, how's it going? Excuse me if I'm wrong but I wonder why do you avoid creation any nodal routing and modulation in Reaper?
Asked by Ivan (217.25.213.x) on November 26 2017, 8:37pm
Reply on November 27 2017, 12:28am:
    We did a little work on something like that (at least for visualization of effective routing) but then lost interest...
Question: the best way to relax?
Asked by Georgy (172.250.71.x) on November 25 2017, 1:14am
Reply on November 25 2017, 5:48pm:
Question: top 3 best coffee by country?
Asked by jons (155.4.134.x) on November 24 2017, 10:37am
Reply on November 25 2017, 1:01am:
    Ambiguous question... so many ways to answer. I think my favorite latte in NYC is from Gasoline Alley on Lafayette and Bleecker... That’s only one thing, but it’s an answer to a question you were not asking. Maybe you were talking about places coffee is grown? Or what countries make the best coffee drinks? In case of the former, I would say that variety is the spice of life eh, and the second, I only have limited experience in countries where i’ve consumed coffee...
Question: Hello, i am a audio plugin developer. the licensing model of reaper is interesting. i have a couple of questions about it and about some other things. is there a way we can talk, but not in front of everybody?
Asked by aombk (87.203.75.x) on November 24 2017, 2:31am
Reply on November 24 2017, 4:07am:
    Sure, email should be easy to figure out (first name, company name)
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