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Question: Artificial intelligence :) [permalink]
Asked by Revizneid (27.74.185.x) on January 22 2018, 12:08pm
Reply on January 23 2018, 4:45am:
    Ah. I know nothing of it.

Question: Hi Justin, Apologies for maybe being a PITA asking here but is there something ready in WDL/SWELL which makes drawing a transparent region of a window possible (or something like CombineRgn(...,RGN_DIFF)) on linux? I'm trying to modify the GDKwindow via cairo in WM_PAINT of my wnd proc but failing miserably. ANY pointers would be very welcome. [permalink]
Asked by proxy (51.255.33.x) on January 21 2018, 8:57pm
Reply on January 23 2018, 4:45am:
    Hmm not that I can think of... I'll research this at some point, send me an email if you want.

Question: I'm a total fan, both as a user (Reaper, Winamp etc) and a developer (profesional dev, also musician). You seem to have a super productive career, I'd love to emulate it (principles, work midset, guidelines etc). Where can I learn more about Justin Frankel's work life ? BIG THANKS, you inspire me, and Reaper is awesome! [permalink]
Asked by BrunoD (66.131.203.x) on January 21 2018, 4:30pm
Reply on January 23 2018, 4:45am:
    Thanks! I dunno, use what you make is usually my main advice :)

Question: If money wasn’t an issue, what soundsystem would you own? [permalink]
Asked by ZEW77 (73.50.18.x) on January 20 2018, 6:28am
Reply on January 20 2018, 11:07pm:
    A pair of low end Grados and decent studio monitors would be fine...

Question: woooow, i'm having a blast using the 1.x theme. there's something beautiful about old UI... :) [permalink]
Asked by mrfr (82.57.54.x) on January 19 2018, 5:03pm
Reply on January 20 2018, 11:08pm:

Question: Could you please tell me what is A.I? How it works? About it's appliable? [permalink]
Asked by Revizneid (27.74.249.x) on January 19 2018, 1:57am
Reply on January 20 2018, 11:08pm:
    What is AI?

Question: What does the word "LANDOLEET" means? :O [permalink]
Asked by Abhijeet Singh (117.222.220.x) on January 15 2018, 9:43am
Reply on January 15 2018, 5:32pm:
    It's short for "land of elite"

Question: Are you aware of Guthrie Govan? Holy fuck. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J503OvHWKko [permalink]
Asked by Will (23.125.224.x) on January 11 2018, 3:36am
Reply on January 11 2018, 4:14pm:

Question: What's it like being Justin Frankel? [permalink]
Asked by ZEW77 (50.204.73.x) on January 9 2018, 2:32pm
Reply on January 9 2018, 2:37pm:
    I'm getting old, it feels like. Things just hurt for no reason.

Question: What would you do if you knew that you had only one year to live. Is it changing anything in your goals, day by day routine etc? [permalink]
Asked by asafonov (217.16.234.x) on January 9 2018, 2:11am
Reply on January 9 2018, 2:37pm (edited at January 9 2018, 4:50pm):
    That's a good question... I imagine it would change just about everything, yeah.

    Edit (some hours later): well maybe not so much change, just shifting of priorities, and some things on an accelerated schedule. I'd definitely want to get a rim-to-rim-to-rim grand canyon run in, which otherwise would probably be a few years out (I'll probably do rim to rim before trying the return trip). Also other skills which I've been developing could probably be put to a use sooner than they would otherwise (a live improv super8 album, maybe?). I'd spend less time coding, unless it was something I wanted to use immediately...

Question: What was one of your greatest acheivments? [permalink]
Asked by Skylar (75.167.169.x) on January 7 2018, 4:16pm
Reply on January 7 2018, 5:23pm:
    Other than being a stable genius, you mean?

Question: Personal question! Do you still have fun programming like when you started getting the first REAPER prototypes working? From a distance you seem to have the best job in the world :) [permalink]
Asked by linx4 (87.21.116.x) on January 6 2018, 7:04pm
Reply on January 6 2018, 7:33pm:
    It depends highly on what I'm working on... some things are both necessary and not enjoyable, for sure.

Question: how do you mockup software design or ideas? [permalink]
Asked by deee (79.168.107.x) on January 6 2018, 4:33pm
Reply on January 6 2018, 7:33pm:
    Usually with code, but sometimes with Gimp or HTML...

Question: Given that prior to REAPER, you used Acid (the application), is there any thought being given  to add Key or Pitch Markers to REAPER to affect the transposition of loops, MIDI, and audio? [permalink]
Asked by pbognar (104.129.196.x) on January 5 2018, 7:08pm
Reply on January 5 2018, 7:26pm:
    Not really...

Question: What studio monitors do you use? [permalink]
Asked by Michael (47.184.79.x) on January 5 2018, 2:57pm
Reply on January 5 2018, 3:17pm:
    At home I have a pair of ADAM A7, and at the studio Meyer HD-1.

Question: My opinion is : Why don't you try to learn about Zen? Buddism? :) [permalink]
Asked by Revizneid (171.231.39.x) on January 4 2018, 7:50pm
Reply on January 5 2018, 3:16pm:
    Buddhism seems the least offensive of religions, for sure

Question: oh wow, thanks for the port then! :p 2018 is definitely going to be the year of the linux desktop... heh. [permalink]
Asked by linx4 (87.21.116.x) on January 4 2018, 4:58pm
Reply on January 5 2018, 3:16pm:
    YW, I'm enjoying having it too!

Question: What do you think about the whole touch bar situation on the MacBooks pro's? I get the impression they will become standard on future models even though opinions and support from developers is pretty mixed. I was recently forced to get one (long story) and I surprisingly don't hate it as much as I thought I would. [permalink]
Asked by Arch (69.120.228.x) on January 4 2018, 3:53pm
Reply on January 5 2018, 3:16pm:
    I haven't actually used one

Question: Can I ask who is behind the reaper linux port? is it the dev behind wineasio by any chance? [permalink]
Asked by linx4 (87.21.116.x) on January 4 2018, 12:37pm
Reply on January 4 2018, 3:40pm:
    I'm behind it, but I've talked to and taken patches from someone who also contributes to wineasio...

Question: What are your thougths on Meltdown and Spectre CPU exploits? [permalink]
Asked by EvilDragon (213.202.70.x) on January 4 2018, 4:06am
Reply on January 4 2018, 3:40pm:
    I think the biggest impact will be on virtualized environments, e.g. cloud computing... but we'll see.
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