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Question: Have you watched the movie 'Interstellar (2014)'? If yes, then what's your reviews about it? [permalink]
Asked by Abhijeet (117.207.139.x) on February 22 2018, 4:02pm
Reply on February 23 2018, 10:07pm:
    I much preferred Dunkirk. I didn't hate Interstellar, but I thought it was a bit weak.

Question: Favorite "Nevermind" track ? [permalink]
Asked by Will (50.84.190.x) on February 22 2018, 3:31pm
Reply on February 23 2018, 10:09pm:
    Hmm tough to have favorites, but maybe Lounge Act or On A Plain. Great album.

Question: Justin! You are a great person, how is everything going with your life? Huge respect and love! [permalink]
Asked by Georgy (172.250.71.x) on February 20 2018, 7:15am
Reply on February 21 2018, 2:05am:
    Aww thank you! Everything with me is about as good as it could be, considering...

Question: Will winamp ever be back and good again. I love winamp. Thanks. From biloxi [permalink]
Asked by Matt KD5LOH (99.203.86.x) on February 17 2018, 10:35pm
Reply on February 18 2018, 12:09am:
    I'm in no position to tell.. ;)

Question: does the reaper plugin build of licecap work? [permalink]
Asked by oli larkin (161.112.12.x) on February 15 2018, 4:17pm
Reply on February 16 2018, 1:55am (edited at February 16 2018, 1:56am):
    You tell me! At one point the idea was that it would be nice to use the video encoder and audio output to generate .webm/etc... but then decided it was easier to record .lcf with standalone licecap, and save REAPER's output and then render to .webm later.

Question: any solution? https://stackoverflow.com/questions/22701962/microsoft-c-c-linker-optimization-failing-to-discard-unused-code-data?rq=1 [permalink]
Asked by ruchira (123.231.121.x) on February 15 2018, 3:56am
Reply on February 15 2018, 1:59pm:
    I wouldn't depend on the linker to achieve the outcome you want, let the user add the appropriate files to their project...

Question: Considering the recent demise of Cakewalk, is there anything in place to ensure the continued availability and development of Reaper should the unthinkable happen to Justin? [permalink]
Asked by BobF (184.157.18.x) on February 15 2018, 2:24am
Reply on February 15 2018, 1:59pm:
    You're asking Justin here, so you should say "you". There's nothing in place other than an immortal corporation with other employees...

Question: Re: I haven't used the API but I will this weekend. So, if I understand correctly the allocation happens within the host and my plugin should do its internal buffering by taking account the length and nch? Thanks. [permalink]
Asked by Gio (79.130.191.x) on February 8 2018, 6:47pm
Reply on February 8 2018, 10:31pm:
    The allocation is by the caller... so if you're a plug-in getting called with that structure as a parameter, then you can use ->samples. If you're a plug-in calling GetSamples() or something, you'd want to allocate space yourself somewhere.

Question: Is there a guaranteed allocation size of ReaSample *sample in PCM_source_transfer_t? [permalink]
Asked by Gio (79.130.191.x) on February 8 2018, 3:06pm
Reply on February 8 2018, 3:40pm (edited at February 8 2018, 3:41pm):
    samples must point to a buffer of at least nch*length items.

Question: any docs/info in the wilds about videoprocessor.h? [permalink]
Asked by oli larkin (92.1.238.x) on February 8 2018, 1:59am
Reply on February 8 2018, 3:40pm:
    Hmm not much

Question: Are you familiar with the music of Aidan Baker? If not, you should check him out. He's pretty prolific but I think you may like his song 'Chainsaw' [permalink]
Asked by Silver (69.120.228.x) on February 7 2018, 4:56am
Reply on February 7 2018, 2:27pm:
    Thanks! Having a listen.

Question: Thanks! I think I don't understand the meaning of "is raised". Is the window set to currently or always on top of others? If its the former why we do call gdk_window_set_keep_above(). If the latter why on_deactivate() is called within GDK_FOCUS_CHANGE (which makes my window not obey "always on top") ? [permalink]
Asked by proxy (153.92.127.x) on February 3 2018, 8:59am
Reply on February 3 2018, 1:50pm:
    It's not meant to be similar to WS_EX_TOPMOST -- it's primarily designed for internal use to keep modal windows above various other windows.

Question: Have you ever heard about Alan Kay (Alan Turing Award winner)? Do you have an opinion about him? [permalink]
Asked by audioCL (191.115.213.x) on February 2 2018, 10:20pm
Reply on February 3 2018, 1:39am:
    Yeah I'm familiar with and respect his work, but I don't have much of an opinion.

Question: Hi Justin. Is this a typo? https://github.com/justinfrankel/WDL/blob/master/WDL/swell/swell-generic-gdk.cpp#L181 Shouldn't that be !h->m_israised ? If not a typo I don't quite understand (sorry needed a quick answer) [permalink]
Asked by proxy (158.58.175.x) on February 2 2018, 5:56am
Reply on February 2 2018, 1:54pm:
    Not a typo -- it lowers a raised window temporarily when the application is deactivated (it will raise it again on activation).

Question: Are you waiting for GTA 6 or any other video game, badly? [permalink]
Asked by Abhijeet Singh (117.241.169.x) on February 1 2018, 9:32am
Reply on February 2 2018, 1:54pm:

Question: What if Gibson (or any other) company give you $50 million for acquiring REAPER. Will you sell them your DAW and enjoy the money for rest of your life without doing anything? [permalink]
Asked by Abhijeet Singh (59.97.205.x) on January 31 2018, 9:14am
Reply on February 1 2018, 2:08am:
    Haha definitely not. Which isn't to say there isn't a price -- but I doubt there is a price that anybody would be willing to pay that I would accept.

Question: Who is your idol? [permalink]
Asked by Revizneid (27.74.185.x) on January 31 2018, 1:48am
Reply on February 1 2018, 2:09am:
    Hmmm there are number of people whom I respect, but I'm not sure I have any idols...

Question: Did you know people are still hacking on WinAMP to make it better? https://getwacup.com/ [permalink]
Asked by Will (50.84.190.x) on January 29 2018, 10:58pm
Reply on January 30 2018, 5:00pm:
    Yeah, it’s too bad that the core of it isn’t open source, though...

Question: I really want to get into programming/scripting in Reaper. I have some experience with max/msp but not much other programming experience (eager to learn though!). I was wondering how much of those concepts from MAX will apply to JSFX and what are some important differences to be aware of going in. Any resources you would recommend? [permalink]
Asked by cairca (69.120.228.x) on January 29 2018, 9:59pm
Reply on January 30 2018, 5:02pm:
    I don’t know much about Max so hard to say. In Reaper there are two main separate sections for scripting — jsfx, which is essentially like writing a VST in script (often used for real-time audio and/or MIDI processing), or ReaScript which is primarily used for writing things that run in the UI thread, which works out to a higher level function.

Question: I understand you develope your software on a PC. Do you think windows 10 is ok? Or is windows 7 or xp preferrable? [permalink]
Asked by Ulf Enhörning (192.176.237.x) on January 29 2018, 3:26pm
Reply on January 30 2018, 5:03pm:
    These days I mostly use macOS and Linux, but I do also work on Win7 and Win10. I prefer Win7 to Win10 in almost every way, aside from it being out of date...
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