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Question: How long did you have to wait for your bike to be unchained from the other bike? [permalink]
Asked by Will (23.125.224.x) on September 1 2018, 11:37pm
Reply on September 2 2018, 10:13am:
    Went back the next day and it was fine...

Question: Is there any way to *zoom* windows such as REAPER's MIDI editor, using SWELL? CoolSB_SetScrollInfo (followed by sending WM_HSCROLL) seems to work for scrolling but not zooming. [permalink]
Asked by Julian (192.42.116.x) on September 1 2018, 9:44pm
Reply on September 2 2018, 10:14am:
    Not cleanly, better to use the actions perhaps?

Question: Which cursor file types can be loaded by SWELL_LoadFileFromCursor in both MacOS and Linux? In particular, can SWELL load .cur and .ani files? [permalink]
Asked by Julian (144.217.60.x) on September 1 2018, 9:24pm
Reply on September 2 2018, 10:14am:
    Not sure if there’s overlap, the mac one wraps NSCursor, the linux wraps a cairo function...

Question: Which is your favorite VST plugin? [permalink]
Asked by MS from Sweden (77.218.255.x) on September 1 2018, 5:08pm
Reply on September 1 2018, 6:11pm:
    Uhmmm... I probably use ReaComp the most, which technically isn't really a VST, so hmm...

Question: What are the differences between habit, interest, hobby and passion? [permalink]
Asked by Abhi (220.158.144.x) on September 1 2018, 4:44pm
Reply on September 1 2018, 6:11pm:
    Degrees of enthusiasm?

Question: Approx. what percentage of REAPER users end up paying for a license? Would you ever consider changing REAPER's licensing structure? [permalink]
Asked by Colin (173.230.117.x) on August 31 2018, 3:58pm
Reply on September 1 2018, 6:08pm (edited at September 1 2018, 6:09pm):
    I really have no idea, but I'd guess probably low double-digit percentages. I would consider small changes to the licensing structure (price changes, non-commercial threshold changes, etc), but not large changes (dongles, limited functionality, etc).

Question: Before I start fiddling around again as a small learning project (success questionable) do you have any work done porting Osciibot to Linux? Any tips? [permalink]
Asked by User (62.214.88.x) on August 31 2018, 2:36pm
Reply on September 1 2018, 6:10pm:
    I don't have any tips but I think it should be pretty straightforward, there will be some (but not all!) #ifdef __APPLE__ statements that will become #ifndef _WIN32, etc. Also the MIDI side will need to get rewritten to use jack or ALSA, it should be pretty straightforward though, but if you get the rest working on stubs I could probably cut/paste REAPER's code.

Question: Is this the person I met in town over chess? [permalink]
Asked by Zeek (67.245.201.x) on August 31 2018, 2:40am
Reply on August 31 2018, 10:03am:
    Chess? Probably not...

Question: Any plans to do something on/with the cloud? [permalink]
Asked by Bill (71.56.101.x) on August 30 2018, 12:49am
Reply on August 30 2018, 8:56pm:
    We've done some designing for stuff but haven't made any specific plans, always too many things to sort out first. Someday, hopefully...

Question: Which is better - video tutorials (like in YouTube, Lynda, Udemy etc.) or text tutorials (like in software manuals, websites etc.)? [permalink]
Asked by Curiosity (162.243.127.x) on August 29 2018, 7:53am
Reply on August 30 2018, 8:56pm:
    I would think it depends on the context and person. I prefer text descriptions for some things (code), videos for other (speaker repair, bicycle repair, etc)

Question: Are Open Source softwares as capable as commercial paid softwares? We can do the same thing in both softwares? If yes, then why people use & prefer, for example, Photoshop, rather than using GIMP? [permalink]
Asked by Abhi (117.197.3.x) on August 29 2018, 6:28am
Reply on August 30 2018, 8:55pm:
    People will still pay for Photoshop for example, because it behaves like Photoshop rather than Gimp, even if Gimp can technically do everything that they use PS for (which isn't to say that it can do everything PS can -- I have no idea whether that's true, I'd imagine that PS and Gimps feature sets overlap highly but not completely).

Question: What do you think about rock/indie music made with midi drums? Could you ever get into it or is just fake? [permalink]
Asked by DreamOfSleeping (90.214.39.x) on August 28 2018, 6:04pm
Reply on August 30 2018, 8:53pm:
    Sure, it can be good. Still takes a lot of work to do well IMO.

Question: At what point do you need to use an IDE instead of editing in vim and compiling with GCC in a terminal? [permalink]
Asked by meso (66.133.78.x) on August 28 2018, 3:52pm
Reply on August 30 2018, 8:53pm:
    I prefer vim+make, though VC6's resource editor I miss on other platforms.

Question: Which is better - thursday and sunday off or saturday and sunday off? (For example, running or taking singing lessons, one should need proper rest) [permalink]
Asked by Abhi (61.2.248.x) on August 28 2018, 2:42pm
Reply on August 30 2018, 8:51pm:
    I think unstructured is better, go with how things feel rather than a schedule.

Question: Do you prefer sleep just at night (like of 8 hours from 11 PM to 7 AM) or you prefer 7 hours sleep at night and 1 hour sleep afternoon, around 2-3 PM? [permalink]
Asked by Abhi (59.99.116.x) on August 27 2018, 5:19am
Reply on August 27 2018, 11:48am:
    I usually do the former or so, but I prefer 8-9 hours at night + 1 hour in the afternoon, as rarely as it happens...

Question: What are your impressions about internet these days? Some people say that this has changed from a great solution to a big problem (fake news, mass surveillance, etc.) [permalink]
Asked by Eliezer (179.219.128.x) on August 26 2018, 1:51pm
Reply on August 26 2018, 10:39pm:
    Growing pains, I hope?

Question: "Please wait some time before asking another question" how much time we should wait to ask you another question? [permalink]
Asked by Abhi (59.97.206.x) on August 26 2018, 9:19am
Reply on August 26 2018, 9:53am:
    Now is probably OK.

Question: What is your current political/ideological position? [permalink]
Asked by Eliezer (179.219.128.x) on August 26 2018, 3:33am
Reply on August 26 2018, 9:53am:
    I'm in favor of medicare for all or single payer healthcare, progressive taxation, strong social services and safety net, environmental regulations, consumer protections, free speech, gun control (licensing process and background checks for guns, assault weapons ban), decriminalization of drugs, criminal justice reform, women's right to choose (within reason), etc. I'm also realistic about expectations of how to get there...

Question: What do you think about this chart? www.admiralbumblebee.com/DAW-Chart.html It seems like Reaper had the highest total score :P [permalink]
Asked by MS from Sweden (77.218.247.x) on August 25 2018, 2:47am
Reply on August 25 2018, 10:59pm:
    Hah there are a million things that are important to me that aren't on the chart... but nice!

Question: (Maybe, inappropriate question. Sorry, if it is!) Isn't it possible in REAPER (or in any DAW) to implement a tool which can create per note automation for velocity and pan? I mean, just like we have automation for a track, can't it be implemented in each MIDI note? [permalink]
Asked by Musical Max (107.170.166.x) on August 24 2018, 2:08pm
Reply on August 24 2018, 5:07pm:
    MIDI doesn't define that exactly, is the problem, there are probably nonstandard extensions but not sure if anybody has formalized that...
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