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Question: hey- considering the global push for space explorations (+dominations?) - assuming you had the funds "would you ever visit the moon,mars,or any other planet+ why?"
Asked by bsmart (2.25.95.x) on November 8 2019, 2:31pm
Reply on November 10 2019, 4:57pm:
    It depends, but sure yeah.
Question: Hey just want to know if you received my email sent to support@cockos.com :)
Asked by David (71.190.130.x) on November 7 2019, 10:58pm
Reply on November 8 2019, 4:02am:
    Probably, if it's the one I just replied to.
Question: What color are my underwear
Asked by Mason (68.62.81.x) on November 7 2019, 10:45pm
Reply on November 8 2019, 4:02am:
    Trick question, you're not wearing any!
Question: What's your favorite user-created REAPER script? What is your most frequently used REAPER script? Have you ever contemplated hiring any of the rockstar coders in your forum to work for you (Julian Sader, spk77, mpl, etc.)?
Asked by Not Dafarkias (94.9.227.x) on November 6 2019, 8:35pm
Reply on November 7 2019, 10:01pm:
    I mostly just use REAPER as-is :). As for hiring, I'm a terrible manager (and don't enjoy managing people) so it's something I avoid.
Question: Would you like to make a general statement about REAPER users? I.e., are you inspired by your zealous community/fanbase; what do you respect about Reapanites most?
Asked by Dafarkias (92.40.179.x) on November 6 2019, 7:10pm
Reply on November 7 2019, 10:02pm:
    I'm happy they use and like REAPER! :)
Question: Does it hurt your feelings PCMag called Reaper "uninviting, unintuitive"
Asked by Will (184.75.221.x) on November 5 2019, 10:38pm
Reply on November 6 2019, 2:54pm:
    Not at all
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Question: hey-when 1st learnt of reaper+done web searches-most the returns came back as the 'reaper' overwatch character-- did that ever become a problem or issue to cockos? >image searches still often return same results? ty.
Asked by blight (2.25.95.x) on November 4 2019, 4:00pm
Reply on November 4 2019, 4:33pm (edited at November 4 2019, 4:34pm):
    Hmm if I search using private browsing on google we come up first? but no I wouldn't imagine that would be a problem, there's not much potential for confusion...

    Having said that, I just searched on Bing and it had a misleading ad first, which linked to https://www.nch.com.au/mixpad/ ... that's not cool.
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Question: Can you please explain the advantage of 64 Bit floating processing? I understand that this leads to less calculation errors, but is there actually an audible difference?
Asked by Tobias (195.81.221.x) on November 4 2019, 11:31am
Reply on November 4 2019, 3:01pm:
    32 bit floating point is plenty of precision for representing pretty much any signal, but any time you do any nontrivial calculation with it, you end up with small rounding errors, which by themselves are almost always insignificant. But do enough of these calculations, and they start accumulating. Does it always sound better? No. Can it in some instances? Yes.
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Question: Hi, long shot, but is there any chance you have (or will have in the future) openings for remote internships/junior developer jobs? I'd love to work on music software (even though I definitely lack the qualifications, to be upfront about it) :)
Asked by eubn (82.63.118.x) on November 2 2019, 7:12pm
Reply on November 4 2019, 2:59pm (edited at November 4 2019, 3:48pm):
    Sorry, I am terrible at (and don't enjoy) managing people so really there's no hope of growth...
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Question: I'm enjoying going through the music on here. What do you think is your best stuff? I'm sure I'd get to it eventually, but there's a lot to listen to.
Asked by Samuel (68.63.9.x) on November 1 2019, 4:26am
Reply on November 1 2019, 1:20pm:
    No idea, in need of massive curation ;) The last two open studios shows (October 12 and 13th) are pretty chill...
Question: What do you think about this idea: A mp3 player with predictive technology, using neural networks and artificial intelligence. A player that learns when you play and rate the songs, allowing you to scan your hard disk to analyze, without listening the mp3, the tracks you could like or not. It's like a giant brain, listening songs to the speed of light but according to your tastes. I have pasted the whole idea in this link: pastebin.com/dhNY0xui
Asked by Jesús - from Spain (77.111.247.x) on November 1 2019, 3:41am
Reply on November 1 2019, 1:21pm:
    Sure make it!
Question: hey- when you 1st started reaper- was the original idea to incorporate hardware with it? and os too? (what happened?)
Asked by blove (2.25.95.x) on November 1 2019, 12:34am
Reply on November 1 2019, 2:57am:
    No, but making REAPER evolved out of making the Jesusonic prototype, which was linux-based and hardware etc.
Question: If you had to install an audio player, would you install 1) the future Winamp from Radionomy 2) Pawlowski's foobar2000 3) The Russian AIMP3
Asked by Daniel (185.220.102.x) on October 30 2019, 3:48am
Reply on October 30 2019, 12:52pm:
    Well I don't really know (future Winamp doesn't exist yet?), but these days I actually use REAPER's media explorer or WHUMP.
Question: What's your instagram? I want to follow you.
Asked by Javier (79.159.144.x) on October 30 2019, 1:33am
Reply on October 30 2019, 1:46am:
    I deleted it earlier this year. Facebook, shudder.
Question: What is RDC parameter on Super8 ? (sorry I know I shouldn't here... But did not found nowhere else that intel)
Asked by Vincent (82.255.50.x) on October 29 2019, 11:19pm
Reply on October 30 2019, 1:47am:
    Recording Delay Compensation
Question: Have you seriously had an idea for a new app but procrastinated then a few years later someone else developed it. If yes, what's the app?
Asked by Mommy (97.100.251.x) on October 26 2019, 10:33pm
Reply on October 27 2019, 5:12pm:
    I've had some but nothing that has really caught on (yet)...
Question: I know you might be completely out of the game, or maybe ... you have some insider info ;) Winamp 6 was announced last year to be coming out in 2019, and absolute silence ever since. You have any info on this? Is Win10 version also planned? Thanks! :)
Asked by Lovro (217.173.250.x) on October 26 2019, 9:09pm
Reply on October 27 2019, 5:11pm:
    I'm out of the loop, sorry to say!
Question: Do you think you could have invented git?
Asked by Will (23.125.224.x) on October 26 2019, 3:19am
Reply on October 26 2019, 5:13pm:
    I don't think I would have ever, no... Maybe had I used bitkeeper, but I don't think I would've ever?
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Question: Why do you think our attention span decreases as we get older? Did you make it through this paragraph? ;-)
Asked by Will (50.84.190.x) on October 24 2019, 7:52pm
Reply on October 24 2019, 9:00pm:
    I'm not sure that it does. It definitely prefers different things.
Question: Does it happen with You, that nostalgia kicks You once in few years and You start to rewatch favourite old movies / re-listen old favourite albums for a week or more?)
Asked by Pooooooooooooooooooooooooony (94.230.198.x) on October 23 2019, 4:11pm
Reply on October 24 2019, 4:25pm:
    My attention span is much shorter, but yeah sometimes
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