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Question: Do you remember K-Jöfol, the player that has unusual fancy odd-shape skin GUI even before Winamp 5? I hear the developer was recuited by Nullsoft back then after abandon his own player. Was winamp 5 odd-shaped skin GUI was inspired by that?
Asked by Thiekus (45.76.148.x) on November 8 2020, 5:02pm
Reply on November 8 2020, 7:12pm (edited at November 8 2020, 8:29pm):
    Of course, that was made by rOn (Christophe Thibault), who also worked on REAPER, and whom I am still lucky to call a friend! The Winamp 5 default skin (originally) wasn't terribly odd-shaped though, it was a rounded rectangle...
Question: Just found out that someone made a crack for my software. Should I improve the security or just focus on bugs & improvments? What will you do on such situation?
Asked by ruchira (111.223.170.x) on November 8 2020, 1:25pm
Reply on November 8 2020, 4:43pm:
    IMO trying to prevent cracks is a losing battle. Try to prevent key-gens of course. If you can, try to prevent automated cracks (e.g. try to prevent crackers from making a program that cracks your executable -- this is bad because then pirates can get all of your updates and crack them, vs having to download a questionable cracked version with each update). But trying to prevent someone from making a cracked version of your software, not worth the time IMO.
Question: Hi Justin, by first thank you for made Winamp, Reaper and NSIS (although I have moved on to MSI for mainly technical reasons), it was bit part of my life! Btw, how you get started to make scripting compiler/interpreter like nsi or JSFX, or you have references to begin?
Asked by Thiekus (45.76.148.x) on November 8 2020, 7:34am
Reply on November 8 2020, 4:41pm:
    NSIS started out as a simple text file describing the files to package and a few attributes.. it gradually evolved into a scripting language (the developer of BearShare pointed out that flow control was possible, I think?)
Question: Have you seen the 2017 film -The Death of Stalin? Did you like it? - Just asking because, I'm feeling like Alan Partridge at the moment = AH-HAAA..;)
Asked by Shostakovich (156.146.34.x) on November 7 2020, 7:25pm
Reply on November 7 2020, 9:33pm:
    I did see it and liked it, though I think I prefer The Thick of It and Veep... :)
Question: Ummm, a little request? It would be very very helpful if you create a little tool which normalizes all audio files to maximum (similar like what REAPER can do). But the problem in REAPER is that it can't batch normalize lots of songs (or can it?). I need a little tool which can batch normalize my entire music library, replacing all my audio files with the normalized audios. Oh you can put a little price on that tool too, of course! I can't find any good software which can do this thing easily and perfectly.
Asked by Please HELP! (27.58.70.x) on November 7 2020, 2:44pm
Reply on November 7 2020, 3:18pm:
    Try replaygain?
Question: hey! - so if by unusual chances ALL money was taken away from all aspects of your creative life,in what ways might that affect your inputs and outputs? iow,is money your* greatest motivator,or is it purely love driven?
Asked by 2020 (95.148.58.x) on November 4 2020, 9:29pm
Reply on November 4 2020, 10:32pm:
    I value having basic needs met and the freedom to do the things I care about, vs having to work in order to meet those basic needs. So no, money isn't (and has never really been) a big motivator for me, but I do recognize that I've been incredibly fortunate to not have been in a place where I've needed it.

    I support UBI and would very much like to have a strong welfare state. I would be completely in support of having a wealth tax and high top marginal tax rate in order to pay for it.
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Question: once u created winamp how did you advertise it? and how quick did it reach lets say 10,000 downloads from the time you created it, thanks!
Asked by Emmmm (213.140.221.x) on November 4 2020, 9:04pm
Reply on November 4 2020, 9:11pm:
    Just word of mouth on IRC to start. No idea about downloads, too long ago...
Question: how's the eyes these days? 2020 vision,having to wear glasses from time to time,or a pair of $6.1million man bionic eyes???
Asked by 2020 (95.148.58.x) on October 31 2020, 10:27pm
Reply on November 2 2020, 4:13am:
    afaik 20/20 but shrug
Question: If you were to learn coding again from scratch now in 2020, which courses would you follow and how long do you think it would take reach to a good level
Asked by Emmm (213.140.221.x) on October 31 2020, 5:25pm
Reply on November 2 2020, 4:19am:
    That's a tough hypothetical because how would I know what I'd do if I didn't know anything? If you're asking for you (or a third person), what I'd recommend.. well, it's hard for me to recommend that, considering I learned programming decades ago and didn't have access to all of the modern documentation...

    What I will say is two things:
    1. Learning assembly language (for whatever architecture) is valuable, in that you can imagine the code whatever language you're using ends up generating
    2. It's probably healthy to not get too attached to the syntax of a particular language (why marry yourself to one?)
    3. Embrace curiosity: feel free to fiddle with things you don't fully understand in order to get them to work, then try to understand why they work.
    4. Don't hard code the size of lists
Question: Do you believe in any god? Are you even open to announcing it here?
Asked by SomeCuriousBloke (110.54.151.x) on October 31 2020, 2:21pm
Reply on October 31 2020, 4:18pm:
    Flying spaghetti for life
Question: hey- did you ever get to see the 'reaper' movie?? (do you watch many horror films?)
Asked by 2020 (95.148.58.x) on October 30 2020, 11:32pm
Reply on October 31 2020, 2:47am:
    Ah no, I haven't seen that. I don't see too many horror films, though it's about time I see Halloween.
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Question: What is your idea about MVC pattern and design patterns? Are you using them?
Asked by ruchira (175.157.43.x) on October 30 2020, 2:33am
Reply on October 30 2020, 2:44am:
    view / controller is an unnecessary division, I suppose?
Question: Can you give me a list of popular songs mixed by REAPER?
Asked by David Roldan (47.21.94.x) on October 29 2020, 8:16pm
Reply on October 29 2020, 10:00pm:
    I am unable to do that
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Question: Do you feel like you're a middle aged man, or does it still feel the same as when you were 20 knocking out winamp?
Asked by Will (23.125.224.x) on October 29 2020, 4:32pm
Reply on October 29 2020, 10:00pm (edited at October 30 2020, 2:43am):
    Neither? I can't sit for long periods of time at a keyboard like I could then, but in general I feel better. Maybe I have more acute pains now, but living with those is part of it.
Question: Hey Justin, haven't posted a lot. I hope you are ok. Take care, alright man?
Asked by John (93.136.60.x) on October 28 2020, 9:43pm
Reply on October 29 2020, 1:32pm:
    Thanks, you too!
Question: Reaper is why free?
Asked by Strantrickt (78.183.237.x) on October 28 2020, 8:17pm
Reply on October 28 2020, 9:17pm:
    REAPER is not free!
Question: Hi Justin! Long time Reaper (4-ish) user here. Just a feature request to make some of these scripts native? forum.cockos.com/showthread.php?t=203828Thanks!, Reaper is pure awesome.
Asked by Nate Wood (108.14.160.x) on October 27 2020, 4:49pm
Reply on October 28 2020, 1:22am:
    Welcome, but see the note above! I might delete this post eventually but I'll leave it here long enough for you to see it.
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Question: Hey, 7+ year Reaper user here, thanks for making my favorite DAW! What are some of your favorite albums of all time?
Asked by John (35.24.101.x) on October 25 2020, 11:47pm
Reply on October 26 2020, 5:30pm:
    Where to begin... off the top of my head in random order albums I can always listen to and really enjoy: Pearl Jam - Ten, Jane's Addiction - Nothing's Shocking (and Ritual... too), Midlake - Courage of Others, Grandaddy - The Sophtware Slump, Radiohead - Kid A (actually every Radiohead album since The Bends), Mogwai - Come On Die Young, Dungen - Ta Det Lungt, Nick Drake - Pink Moon, Mazzy Star - So Tonight that I Might See, DJ Shadow - Endtroducing, Meat Puppets - Meat Puppets II...
Question: hey_hope your well! >had you seen this video about youtubes attack on open software? newtube.app/user/anthony/NOqgMsR (fact or fiction? +how might that affect you?)
Asked by 2020 (95.148.58.x) on October 25 2020, 8:21pm
Reply on October 26 2020, 1:18pm (edited at October 26 2020, 1:19pm):
    hmm you mean the RIAA's trying to get youtube-dl banned? I don't think YouTube/Google are behind that. this post seemed like a good summary.
Question: Is there a way the purchaser and Cockos can collaborate together and release songs to sell. I'm wondering if people working with your program can make a good living. Do you monitor end users from time to time for good work and possible potential to sell? I'd love to hear your thoughts
Asked by Palendrum (207.6.147.x) on October 25 2020, 7:07pm
Reply on October 26 2020, 1:17pm:
    We try to stay out of our users' businesses
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