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Question: In an interview Brian Eno talked about a loop relation there is between technology creators and artists . In very few words: A artists use some technology in a way it was not design to, and then some technology maker redo the tool, and then a artist use it for something it is not design to and so on… Do you see this happening in REAPER development ? Source youtu.be/JUL8kNYmgsA?t=1440from 24:00 to 25:00. (he starts this subject in 20:40 if you are interest for more in that interview )
Asked by Daniel Lumertz (189.112.150.x) on April 2 2021, 12:37pm
Reply on April 2 2021, 9:55pm:
    Yeah sure. Not music related, but Winamp skins came about that way...

    It also happens automatically when you're a musician and a software developer too :)

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