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Question: Acoustic or electric guitar?
Asked by musicman (95.90.213.x) on August 11 2021, 7:48pm
Reply on August 12 2021, 5:02am:
    Oooh both but usually electric.
Question: How to use reacomp as a maximizer? Which sliders should I change?
Asked by ruchira (123.231.107.x) on August 10 2021, 10:30am
Reply on August 10 2021, 8:02pm:
    ReaComp can't operate as a maximizer, the included "General Dynamics" JSFX is good for that though!
Question: Do you consider bying a new M1 MacBook? Maybe the upcoming one? Leaks about it sound and look great!
Asked by Mark (37.19.195.x) on August 8 2021, 11:10pm
Reply on August 9 2021, 6:28pm:
    Yeah, but I'll probably get a MNT Reform before then...
Question: I find it humorous that a bunch of intellectually gifted persons come up with WDL and an army of PhDs with STL. For his reason alone the choice is obvious, possibly due to inheritance and careful evolution. Although, still not sure if it's a great fit of engineering or simply amazing art. Better remain a mystery, don't you think? Thanks for the latest updates ;)
Asked by Gio (94.70.22.x) on August 8 2021, 2:59am
Reply on August 9 2021, 6:29pm:
Question: Ups. Not really asking, just wanna say I've ben listening your music today and it was a real joy, and an amazing found for a music addict as me. Cheers.
Asked by Fernando Viana (189.167.0.x) on August 7 2021, 11:24pm
Reply on August 9 2021, 6:29pm:
    Aww thanks! Any favorites?
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Question: Why do you think you get so many questions about making Reaper open source?
Asked by todd_r (81.141.217.x) on August 6 2021, 9:49pm
Reply on August 7 2021, 7:19pm:
    I don't think it's really that many
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Question: Is software piracy a bad thing in the music community?
Asked by DdSL (189.112.151.x) on August 5 2021, 9:00pm
Reply on August 6 2021, 8:46pm:
    Probably, though how bad is debatable?
Question: I don't know if I can ask this question here or not but, ummmm, why "Item group containers: remove feature for now" is removed?? Any problem in implementing that or lots of bugs? Seems a great feature to have!
Asked by Ummmm... (122.177.157.x) on August 5 2021, 3:49pm
Reply on August 6 2021, 8:47pm:
    If we remove things it's because we're not happy enough with them. Sometimes the idea of a feature is good but the implementation details are problematic, etc etc.
Question: Have you heard/looked into wavelet transform? stevehanov.ca/wavelet/
Asked by wasereb4 (87.167.80.x) on August 4 2021, 9:36pm
Reply on August 6 2021, 8:47pm:
    A little but only a little
Question: Does this make sense to you? terrytao.wordpress.com/2021/07/25/...
Asked by Will (23.125.224.x) on August 3 2021, 2:43am
Reply on August 3 2021, 7:28pm:
    My previous comment about assume knowledge probably applies
Question: Are you constantly logged into a google account or do you login in sporadically ie. Only when uploading content to youtube ?
Asked by Not Sure (66.115.146.x) on August 2 2021, 3:15pm
Reply on August 3 2021, 7:28pm:
    Not Sure
Question: Did you noticed fastspring(payouts) takes unreasonable fees when withdrawing money to the bank account?
Asked by ruchira (123.231.127.x) on August 1 2021, 2:52am
Reply on August 3 2021, 7:29pm:
    Hmm they're not taking any for us, but maybe that's a function of where our bank is? or transaction size?
Question: I'm currently feeling very stupid trying to understand and implement a paper on a thing I'm interested in (sorry I have to be vague there). This is compounded by having little time (and excess mental capacity) due to my day job. Has something similar happened to you? How do you rationalize it?
Asked by 1123a (79.22.191.x) on July 30 2021, 4:42pm
Reply on July 31 2021, 2:51am:
    Sure, I totally feel stupid all of the time. Well not all of the time, but often. I usually blame the explanations (too much assumed knowledge is definitely a problem!). ;)
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Question: Q1. Advantages & disadvantages of making REAPER as open-source? Q2. As you are not a company, just two people developing REAPER. After decades when you both won't be here anymore (you know what I mean, oops sorry), then what will happen to REAPER software? Will it die that time or you have a plan to sell it to someone else whenever you finally decide to stop developing it?
Asked by Two Questions! (223.177.3.x) on July 30 2021, 9:47am
Reply on July 31 2021, 2:51am (edited at July 31 2021, 1:13pm):
    Making REAPER open-source would mean becoming less of a programmer and more of a maintainer/manager, which would be less enjoyable. We are a company.
Question: Are you working on any new products unrelated to reaper?
Asked by Will (23.125.224.x) on July 29 2021, 2:41pm
Reply on July 29 2021, 8:06pm:
    Not that I can think of
Question: Did you get vaccinated? What are you thoughts about anti-vax people claiming that we, vaccinated people, will be dead in 2 to 3 years.
Asked by Mommy (195.80.149.x) on July 22 2021, 3:53pm
Reply on July 22 2021, 10:28pm (edited at July 22 2021, 10:29pm):
    Yes, I got the Pfizer shots in April. What's especially disheartening is that a lot of people with very large mouthpieces are promoting anti-vax nonsense while they themselves have already been vaccinated.
Question: Who is the most publicly well known tech person you've ever personally met?
Asked by Will (23.125.224.x) on July 22 2021, 3:01pm
Reply on July 22 2021, 10:28pm:
    Hmm I don't know, is there a list of most-well-known tech people I can choose from?
Question: From little things big things grow! = Must be a little proud hey :) Congrats! cockos.com/jsfx/....=....reaperblog.net/2021/07/tycho-super8/...And a question. Anymore JSFX ideas you working on? or, a way to make them less cpu hungry (linux/saike fx especially?) He is making/pushing some serious boundries too.
Asked by xiu xiu (138.199.59.x) on July 18 2021, 3:14pm
Reply on July 19 2021, 1:19pm (edited at July 19 2021, 1:20pm):
    Hah yeah that's cool. Optimized the EEL2 (JSFX) code generation in the latest releases (and it now uses SSE on x86_64, which improves the Rosetta2 performance too).
Question: Favorite chord progression?
Asked by DdSL (186.210.93.x) on July 18 2021, 2:43am
Reply on July 19 2021, 1:20pm (edited at July 19 2021, 1:21pm):
    Starting with vii then going down a half step to a (borrowed) major chord
Question: You know about this lovely song? youtube.com/watch?v=K1LzWtnLfo0
Asked by Lamarr the Headcrab (27.58.117.x) on July 17 2021, 2:49pm
Reply on July 19 2021, 1:21pm:
    I do not, but I will listen
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