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Question: Hey as you are the creator of WinAmp, I was wondering what your thoughts on this is? winamp.com/winamp-nft-initiative/
Asked by ShitfaceMcGee (67.86.16.x) on March 16 2022, 8:46pm
Reply on March 16 2022, 11:24pm (edited at March 16 2022, 11:25pm):
    Strong disapproval for multiple reasons. Environmental impact is terrible, and also it is a negative-sum ecosystem so anything that encourages more people to buy into it so that the people who previously bought it (or mined-in) can cash out is a bad thing.

    Helpful in-depth links:

  • Posted by ShitfaceMcGee (67.86.16.x) on March 16 2022, 11:30pm:
    Glad to hear you haven't bought into the craze. Hope one day WinAmp finds it's way back to you.

  • Posted by Thiekus (36.82.97.x) on March 17 2022, 9:54pm:
    Thank you for your thought. Couldn't agree more! Aside for reasons you mentioned, not mention that fake scarcity for virtual artificial things is fundamentally stupid. Physical collectibles things were still a lot worthy IMO.

  • Posted by PCPPCPPCP (132.147.121.x) on March 28 2022, 3:57pm:
    Thanks for that David Rosenthal link - one of the best critiques of crypto I've read, and he has the history and technical chops to know what is up. The Winamp NFT thing though ... ughh, tasteless digital asset-stripping.

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