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Question: Do you think you'll ever stop programming?
Asked by Will (23.125.224.x) on September 12 2022, 6:33pm
Reply on September 12 2022, 8:18pm:
    Not by choice
Question: Did you feel anything, seeing a new release of Winamp after so long - or have you moved on emotionally? Ps. Would be fun to have a late 90s web counter on the page for number of answered questions :)
Asked by Lorin (24.212.136.x) on September 12 2022, 5:22pm
Reply on September 12 2022, 8:19pm:
    Lots of meh, it represents a very small number of years of my life and I'm much more invested in other projects.
Question: In ReaSamplOmatic5000, there are modes "Freely configurable shifted" and "Note (Semitone shifted)". What is the difference between these two? It seems they both are completely same.
Asked by Abhi (182.68.196.x) on September 9 2022, 9:19am
Reply on September 9 2022, 6:23pm:
    Freely configurable allows you to do microtonal shifts etc (e.g. want each semitone to be 1/24th of an octave? no problem!)
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Question: hio- have you much interest in history? +seen through the lens of JonLevi? (youtu.be/yVlhgfGzpIQ fascinating+thought provoking imo.
Asked by 2022 (2.26.240.x) on September 8 2022, 6:34am
Reply on September 9 2022, 6:23pm:
    History, sure, some. JonLevi, no idea who that is. (to be fair this is askjf not askjftowatchyoutube, that's a different site)
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Question: How many / What countries and cultures have you seen? Which one you sympathize with?
Asked by Chris (77.64.160.x) on September 7 2022, 2:55pm
Reply on September 9 2022, 6:24pm:
    I've been to various european countries and the big north american countries, and the odd island here and there. I like how everybody follows the rules on the street in Copenhagen and Berlin.
Question: Do you like the band Boards of Canada?
Asked by superfluous (213.152.161.x) on September 7 2022, 4:15am
Reply on September 9 2022, 6:25pm:
    I haven't listened to them enough but when I have heard them I've liked them.
Question: Do you do handyman stuff around the house ie. reno's or fixing things ?
Asked by JustAsking (66.115.146.x) on September 6 2022, 9:16pm
Reply on September 6 2022, 10:47pm:
    fixing things yeah, renovations nah. today I bought some slow curing epoxy to fix my fernandes guitar which I broke (the neck and fretboard started to separate by the nut, so now it's clamped and I'm waiting to see if that fixes...)
Question: Sorry Justin, just trying to bring this one up to your attention: forum.cockos.com/showthread.php?t=270261do you think it could happen anytime soon? Thanks!
Asked by tk_nacho (5.90.6.x) on September 6 2022, 1:13pm
Reply on September 6 2022, 2:47pm:
    this is not the right venue so I'm going to ignore it here
Question: What is the legacy of Gnutella?
Asked by superfluous (184.75.221.x) on September 6 2022, 2:58am
Reply on September 6 2022, 2:47pm:
    I dunno but I seem to have a hazelnut sensitivity so there's that
Question: heylo- so,out of the 16 basic geometry shapes: which 1 attracts your attention the most? (i.etsystatic.com/8506663/r/il/da92...
Asked by 2022 (2.26.240.x) on September 4 2022, 6:39pm
Reply on September 5 2022, 2:34am:
    I'll go with right triangle
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Question: Hey Justin, do you ever get into ruts where productivity is low, if so, what do you do to re-track? All the best :)
Asked by jack (45.152.183.x) on September 4 2022, 11:13am
Reply on September 5 2022, 2:35am:
    don't sweat it it'll come back on its own, just find something else interesting to do
Question: ever get them crazy synchronized moments?? eg:: you are listening to music and a car drives by with the same tempo music blasting out..or, browsing net with random music in bg,and you link to a random page,that also syncs with what is now playing????)
Asked by 2022 (2.26.240.x) on September 2 2022, 2:47pm
Reply on September 3 2022, 10:41pm:
    or you accidentally put on the wizard of oz and dark side of the moon at the same time (dsotm starting at the lion's roar or whatever?)
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Question: What open source projects would you be inclined to or actually have helped out with?
Asked by Levy (27.32.111.x) on September 2 2022, 10:15am
Reply on September 3 2022, 10:42pm:
Question: Do you like hearing something while coding?
Asked by Xiss (189.112.151.x) on September 2 2022, 3:46am
Reply on September 3 2022, 10:43pm:
    yeah I like listening to music while coding (or answering support email, etc)
Question: it is a PITA to have a home studio in an NYC apartment? have you done any soundproofing? did you look for a place specifically amenable to playing music? am I overthinking this and its nbd?
Asked by ordoflop (24.118.2.x) on August 31 2022, 8:48pm
Reply on September 1 2022, 3:06am:
    yeah I have a separate space in a non-residential building :)
Question: CLAP plugins support any day now?
Asked by Steinar Krogstad (80.212.193.x) on August 31 2022, 1:09pm
Reply on September 1 2022, 3:06am:
    it's WIP but we're not in a rush to release it
Question: heylo- erm,why is it,in this day and high computing age...can we NOT HAVE real circular or other shaped videos? (obviously pixels..but WHYYYY not? erm,plasma screens?) love rounded corners so much! .. apparently,there is *no such thing as a straight line > in nature??* how. :D
Asked by 2022 (2.26.240.x) on August 31 2022, 11:55am
Reply on August 31 2022, 12:21pm:
    You could but most codecs divide each frame into square or rectangular tiles, and in a round video that would be a problem, so you’d have to come up with weird shapes or just crop the video anyway, which you can already do? So yeah that’s why.
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Question: Is this really Justin Frankel?
Asked by Good Lad (193.239.232.x) on August 31 2022, 7:20am
Reply on August 31 2022, 12:19pm:
    This is, as I type it on my phone
Question: Is water wet?
Asked by Mama mia (167.102.161.x) on August 30 2022, 6:22pm
Reply on August 31 2022, 12:19pm:
    Or does water just make things wet?
Question: Have you tried those AI that generate images?
Asked by dsdw (187.32.160.x) on August 29 2022, 6:46am
Reply on August 31 2022, 12:19pm:
    Yeah they’re pretty fun!
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