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Question: Could you shed some light on the scale of volume control on MIDI items and how to target it via the API? Some more details forum.cockos.com/showthread.php?t=...
Asked by Buy One (95.135.211.x) on November 12 2022, 6:25pm
Reply on November 14 2022, 4:10am:
    iirc it is the same as audio volume (e.g. 1=unmodified, 0.5=multiply by 0.5, etc).
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Question: Hey Justin, which audio backends do you use for REAPER? I've been looking for something cross-platform that isn't locked with licenses, so far it's looking like supporting xaudio2 initially and adding additional support where needed, I'd assume you'd fairly heavily abstract your sound api? Thanks
Asked by jack (193.32.127.x) on November 11 2022, 9:17pm
Reply on November 12 2022, 3:58am:
    coreaudio/various win32/asio/alsa/jack/etc
Question: First inclination: has-a, is-a or...
Asked by musicalcode (136.226.74.x) on November 11 2022, 3:40am
Reply on November 12 2022, 3:58am:
    hmm for what? code?
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Question: I hope it is ok to ask this here: in REAPER, if i have, for example, 50 tracks with lots of inserts, some with sends to each other, some folders, and all their outputs are being sent to 24 buses. And I use ReaStream/ReaRoute on those buses to send to another DAW. How is the latency compensation calculated? Will audio arrive on perfect time or I should be cautious? I will be running some tests but I'd like to understand how this works a bit more. Also, is Reastream sample-accurate with a cabled LAN? Thanks!
Asked by Ignacio (93.35.165.x) on November 10 2022, 9:40pm
Reply on November 10 2022, 11:03pm:
    definitely better on the forum, but in general reastream isn't really good for this. If you do it, make a single 64 channel reastream instance, send everything to that, then have that send to the other place.
Question: hey justin- are you aware or keeping up with serato "stem" tech? a few other wares are doing this-- its probably some fft thing which will seperate music into its composition parts..drums,vocals,melody,bass.. could cockos champion this idea?? primer here> ( youtu.be/J2L5jyiuT7A)
Asked by 2022 (91.110.225.x) on November 9 2022, 6:13pm
Reply on November 9 2022, 6:19pm:
    I've seen it yeah, but not terribly interested
Question: Is Cockos on vacation?
Asked by Optional Marquee (186.210.31.x) on November 9 2022, 8:35am
Reply on November 9 2022, 6:19pm:
    Nope, busy with things though
Question: Favorite sonic youth album ?
Asked by Just Asking (66.115.146.x) on November 8 2022, 4:40am
Reply on November 8 2022, 8:09pm:
    Hard to say! I don't think I've listened to all of them. And how to pick a favorite? So hard with art... ;)
Question: #American reacts to bonfire / guy fawkes night < < any you guys do this in your area?
Asked by 2022 (91.110.225.x) on November 6 2022, 6:10pm
Reply on November 7 2022, 12:20pm:
    Not that I know of
Question: Which time in a day you feel tired the most? For me, it's around 5 PM. Very laziness that time haha
Asked by Abhi (27.58.118.x) on November 5 2022, 11:36am
Reply on November 6 2022, 12:22am:
    I’m in it right now… 8:30-9pm, bedtime is near
Question: Favorite steve earle album ?
Asked by Just Asking (45.133.181.x) on November 3 2022, 10:57pm
Reply on November 4 2022, 3:05pm:
    can't say I've listened to any!
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Question: would you sell REAPER to Elon Musk for 44B?
Asked by A tree (186.210.24.x) on November 3 2022, 6:23am
Reply on November 3 2022, 9:52pm:
    I would like to say that I wouldn't, but it would be so obviously an over-valuation that it would be hard to pass up. But I wouldn't keep the money.
Question: Is it in your plans to have a UX/UI/Workflow redesign for Reaper 7.x? I love Reaper, I have a full license, but it would be amazing to have it more natively integrated with extensions and redesigned visually....Impossible to explain without making references to other DAWs :)
Asked by Leandro Alvarez (104.158.4.x) on November 2 2022, 3:48pm
Reply on November 2 2022, 11:13pm:
    redesign, no, but we'll keep evolving it as to not require anybody to have major adaptation issues.
Question: I'm curious as a pedestrian n00b why it's important for the license to say cockos always maintains ownership? ELI5?
Asked by Will (23.125.224.x) on November 2 2022, 1:16pm
Reply on November 2 2022, 1:28pm:
    Ownership has a lot of rights associated with it! If you owned REAPER itself, you could do a million things, like sell copies to other people.
Question: so,would LOVE to purchase some more cockos licenses (i mean,who wouldnt) but on slightly different terms of agreement-- is any license negotiable,or non.?
Asked by 2022 (95.145.189.x) on November 1 2022, 5:56pm
Reply on November 1 2022, 8:08pm:
    you can email support with your requested changes but you should include the explanation for the changes, and we might consider it, though as our terms are very reasonable and widely accepted we might also not.
Question: Did you have a good Halloween? did you dress up?
Asked by Mike (173.239.197.x) on November 1 2022, 10:58am
Reply on November 1 2022, 3:12pm:
    I dressed up as middle-aged man in a hoodie. I voted, and they gave me candy.
Question: Is JSFX going to be open sourced soon? I recall reading this somewhere
Asked by Francesco (5.91.145.x) on October 30 2022, 3:14pm
Reply on October 30 2022, 10:32pm:
    It's on my to-do list, but there are some things I want to do first.
Question: Windows 11 is so beautiful. Why lots of people (including you?) dislike it?
Asked by XP98 (182.68.224.x) on October 30 2022, 7:51am
Reply on October 30 2022, 12:31pm:
    Does it require you to use a MS account in order to log in?
Question: do know of any formats/methods to record 3d music that are better than ambisonic. if so please lmk :)
Asked by mike s (173.70.39.x) on October 29 2022, 7:25pm
Reply on October 29 2022, 7:39pm:
    I don't!
Question: Is JSFX an interpreted or compiled language? How does its performance compare to C++? Are there any benchmarks somewhere?
Asked by Francesco (93.41.113.x) on October 29 2022, 4:55pm
Reply on October 29 2022, 7:39pm:
    It is compiled. If you carefully optimize the code it's probably about half the speed of typical non-SIMD C++. Some things are slower, e.g. memory accesses using [], since it involves bounds checking and conversion to integer, etc.
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Question: Aren't you getting tired of stupid questions like this one?
Asked by wasereb4 (87.167.80.x) on October 29 2022, 2:22am
Reply on October 29 2022, 2:53am:
    Why should I be?
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