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Question: Hello, in this days, while I was doing research, I found NINJAM. Intrigued by his way of dealing with the latency problem, I went to peruse the GitHub repository. However, I noticed that there is no technical document. Did you happen to make one? Or can't it be made public?
Asked by Antonio (95.234.28.x) on January 9 2024, 4:44pm
Reply on January 10 2024, 3:20pm:
    Hmm I don't think I really did? It's been like 20 years so I don't fully remember.
Question: Do you ever attend trade shows such as NAMM? Are there any new technologies or products on the horizon that are catching your eye?
Asked by Dom64 (82.132.213.x) on January 6 2024, 8:42am
Reply on January 7 2024, 12:42am:
    I have but not in a long time, usually I find them pretty boring.
Question: What do you think about the programming language Rust? Including it's advantages and disadvantages.
Asked by Matthew (76.37.54.x) on January 5 2024, 5:52am
Reply on January 7 2024, 12:43am:
    I don't know much about it, busy with other things for the most part :)
Question: auto_save its not on by default in Reaper. why?
Asked by ape din (188.164.221.x) on January 4 2024, 10:18pm
Reply on January 4 2024, 10:47pm:
    I think we enabled auto-backup-saving by default for new installs. But not auto-save to the .rpp (which would be undesirable!).
Question: Localizing apps (since REAPER can be localized you may know): For languages not using the Latin alphabet (say Chinese, Greek...) are numerals (numbers) also localized (there seem to be chinese and greek numerals) or they stay as latin numbers ?
Asked by wasereb4 (80.64.181.x) on January 4 2024, 7:07pm
Reply on January 4 2024, 10:47pm:
    If it is a static string then it's up to the translator. If REAPER is generating the number, then it will be arabic numerals.
Question: hey jf- how do you feel about words (english language) that can have multiple "meanings"? 2,3,4 or moar! meanings...(is this not confusing,even for the "educated" ?) + have a very creative/ blessed year
Asked by 2024 (109.158.137.x) on January 4 2024, 4:12pm
Reply on January 4 2024, 10:46pm:
    Are there any languages where words have exactly one meaning?
Question: Thoughts on Kurt Cobain?
Asked by Will (23.125.224.x) on January 4 2024, 5:04am
Reply on January 4 2024, 5:05am:
    Nirvana was awesome
Question: How many lines of code is there in REAPER in total?
Asked by Ilya (69.94.124.x) on January 3 2024, 11:23am
Reply on January 4 2024, 4:55am (edited at January 4 2024, 5:05am):
    It's always hard to decide what to include, but I stripped it down almost all code written by us (e.g. no third-party libraries except for the odd header), for everything, and got this:
    Language                             files          blank        comment           code
    C++                                    406         100147          15246         719830
    C/C++ Header                           346          20247           7167         107026
    C                                       27           6129           1302          36385
    Objective-C++                           20           3156            628          20627
    Windows Resource File                   49           1684           1386          16524
    Assembly                                10           2028           1308           7487
    Lua                                      7            502             97           4565
    Perl                                     6            313            549           1382
    make                                    20            420             15           1348
    Bourne Shell                            25            188             25           1273
    yacc                                     1             35              3            338
    lex                                      1             25              0             88
    JavaScript                               1            142            184             84
    DOS Batch                               10             18              6             80
    Objective-C                              4              8             15             32
Question: Do you know of a command-line program that will print Shoutcast/Icecast stream data as new songs get played? ffmpeg does only the 1st song
Asked by Jesse (100.35.190.x) on January 3 2024, 2:22am
Reply on January 4 2024, 5:03am:
    Not off the top of my head, no, sorry!
Question: "view page source" but i want to do it on the main page and look into all the pages individually, can this be done? Thank you!
Asked by Ioeiroe (146.70.73.x) on January 2 2024, 9:48pm
Reply on January 4 2024, 5:03am:
    Hmm need more context of where?
Question: Happy new year! Do you care (for the question) if I share this presentation of an iPhone exploit with you?
Asked by pedalingpanda (147.161.165.x) on January 2 2024, 5:34pm
Reply on January 2 2024, 6:27pm:
    Hmm that feels a little bit like promoting a link more than a reasonable question. Happy New Year though!
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Question: How do i make a good start?
Asked by Loeiro (185.195.17.x) on December 31 2023, 4:13pm
Reply on January 1 2024, 2:32am:
    Embrace the things that are important to you!
Question: As 2023 is coming to an end :( what's one thing you wish you had done this year instead of waiting until next year?
Asked by Oxygenius (123.136.25.x) on December 30 2023, 6:56pm
Reply on January 1 2024, 2:31am:
    Hmm hard to say, but I'm looking forward to 2024!
Question: How do you feel about people pirating REAPER? I'm curious because I'm going to buy a liscence soon. I was wondering what your opinion was with people publishing keygens for reaper? Came across my mind the other night when I saw my trial evaluation time was up. Wanted to ask you personally.
Asked by mikey (162.253.118.x) on December 30 2023, 2:46am
Reply on December 30 2023, 5:11pm (edited at December 30 2023, 5:12pm):
    afaik keygens still require a hacked reaper.exe, thankfully. nobody serious wants to be running modified executables. Obviously I disapprove. :)
Question: Are you still using Wayland+Gnome on your dev laptop, Xfce4/X11 on your recording/performance machines? Have you thought of other desktop environments for either like KDE Plasma?
Asked by bringkeys (70.190.185.x) on December 29 2023, 4:27pm
Reply on December 29 2023, 8:29pm:
    I switch it up a lot for testing, but I do use xfce4 on the recording box for predictability.
Question: When will REAPER for quantum computers be available?
Asked by wasereb4 (83.135.15.x) on December 28 2023, 5:52am
Reply on December 29 2023, 8:29pm:
    Hah I have no idea about quantum computers.
Question: How do you feel about the "It would be nice.." FR kind of comments hahaha I see that phrase everywhere.
Asked by Jeff (187.213.54.x) on December 24 2023, 6:13pm
Reply on December 26 2023, 3:17pm:
    It's a valid way to start a request, yeah
Question: CoolSB: For .nPage = rectheight / charheight on large text files (~40K lines) the thumb gets way too small. Is there a trick to scale it a little bit for certain ranges? Maybe it would be a good idea to have the implementation with minimum thumb height at about the cursor height? Thanks
Asked by Gio (79.130.188.x) on December 22 2023, 10:54am
Reply on December 22 2023, 2:03pm (edited at December 22 2023, 2:04pm):
    Set nMinThumbSize (via CoolSB_SetMinThumbSize()) to control how small it can go?
Question: the solstice screwed up your rss feed think ?
Asked by darknight (188.241.177.x) on December 22 2023, 3:56am
Reply on December 22 2023, 2:04pm:
    Did it? looking
Question: Do you regularly use midi in Reaper?
Asked by jason (2.7.2.x) on December 21 2023, 11:45pm
Reply on December 22 2023, 2:09am:
    I don't use it regularly for notes but I do use it for control
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