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Question: i installed quickbooks from 2013 and when i try open it on windows 11 it says "this version of quickbooks requires Microsoft internet explorer 6.0 (or later) . Do you know any way i can make this work? Thanks
Asked by Fergs (217.138.221.x) on January 22 2024, 11:25pm
Reply on January 23 2024, 7:20am:
    I run mine in a Windows XP VM, but it's even older. Maybe try it in a Win7 VM?

  • Posted by Fergs (217.138.221.x) on January 23 2024, 11:39am:
    Like virtualbox by oracle? or i need a virtual Machine? i think oracle is free i am not sure about VM, thanks!

  • Posted by Justin on January 23 2024, 4:48pm:
    Yeah VirtualBox works. You might be able to set Windows 11 to run in Win7 compatibility mode, too?

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