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Question: When hosting VST2 plugin, should I call AudioEffect::setParameter from gui thread? Or can it be called from worker thread?
Asked by ruchira (123.231.106.x) on January 30 2024, 12:36pm
Reply on January 30 2024, 6:50pm:
    I assume you mean (AEffect*)->setParameter() (since that's the actual interface, AudioEffect may or may not be a valid thing for any given plug-in). From what I remember you can call it from either.

  • Posted by Ruchira (123.231.106.x) on January 31 2024, 2:55am:
    Should I call setParameter on audioMasterAutomate event?

  • Posted by Justin on January 31 2024, 3:12am:
    No, audioMasterAutomate is how the plug-in notifies you that the parameter is being changed by its UI. The plug-in (in VST2 at least) is responsible for updating its internal state.

  • Posted by Ruchira (123.231.106.x) on January 31 2024, 6:21pm:
    So audioMasterAutomate event call only comes from UI thread right?

  • Posted by Justin on January 31 2024, 8:30pm:
    Not well-defined by the VST spec, I'm afraid (REAPER has options to ignore it from other threads...)

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