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Question: hey jf- while making music via computers or hardwares..people often advise "use your ears" over "use your eyes"? question= have you ever done a session blindfolded..to "see" how that turns out in practice?? (some musicians ARE blind from birth of course) =)
Asked by 2024 (165.120.114.x) on February 2 2024, 5:38pm
Reply on February 2 2024, 6:20pm:
    I haven't done anything blindfolded, but when mixing sessions I definitely don't look at units or ratios or attack times or track meters much, and just tweak them til I like them. The exception is that I do look at the LUFS meter on the main outs to see if I'm near where I want to be as far as loudness.

  • Posted by 2024 (165.120.114.x) on February 3 2024, 12:14am:
    having both senses we use them both being able to...its quite difficult to go with modern "loudness" scales without calibrated loud speakers & introducing some kind of distortions we find..(pleasing or not) -12lufs can sound a bit crunchy with acoustic guitars & some stringed instruments & gauging loudness can be more to the eyes than ears sometimes, but not all...its a tricky balancing act between loudness over 'acceptable' distortions ioo...ta.

  • Posted by jojo (31.37.8.x) on February 5 2024, 3:16pm:
    Do you change the "Meter" setting from "Combined RMS" to "LUFS" in your master track? Or do you look at the LUFS meter somewhere else?

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