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Question: Sorry if I am wrong, and please correct me. As far as I know, you don't have knowledge about traditional music notations, right? Music staffs and all that. Then how you added a nice notation view like Musescore software into REAPER? Have you hired somebody else for that or you learnt everything and implemented it by your own?
Asked by Abhi (122.162.184.x) on July 9 2024, 1:23pm
Reply on July 9 2024, 5:06pm:
    I have some knowledge but I am by no means an expert on that. Schwa has a lot more expertise, and thus did most of the score editor, and has a big reference book on it.

  • Posted by Abhi (106.201.176.x) on July 10 2024, 7:17am:
    Which book? Can we get it somehow?

  • Posted by Justin on July 10 2024, 2:39pm:
    I am told it is “Behind Bars” by Elaine Gould

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