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Question: A good formula to map dB to slider and vice versa? Everything I have tried to far it "works" but it's not intuitive at all...
Asked by Gio (94.66.58.x) on June 25 2019, 6:56am
Reply on June 25 2019, 7:43pm:
Question: What type of transport is your fav, what do you ride mostly, if any.. car, bike, bicycle, space shuttle, etc.. ?
Asked by Pony (78.152.169.x) on June 25 2019, 6:30am
Reply on June 25 2019, 3:04pm:
    Running is my favorite, followed by walking. They aren’t the most efficient, though, so bicycles are good for longer and/or more time sensitive journeys. Trains are often nice when too long to reasonably do on bicycle (bringing a bike on the train a plus)... but anything over about a 4 hour train ride is probably better suited to air travel.
Question: when is the 10 years anniversary of the site, did it pass already? and congrats :D
Asked by Emmmm (128.0.250.x) on June 24 2019, 7:55pm
Reply on June 24 2019, 11:08pm:
    7/24 or so, so another month! Thanks!
Question: "Suggested topics: programming, music, sleep, coffee, running, bike, cars(?), excursion/travel, hiking(?), food(?), cooking(?), llama (:P), singing(?), dancing(?), photography(?), painting(?), sports(?) etc." Any more to write? :D
Asked by Abhi (103.194.224.x) on June 24 2019, 8:47am
Reply on June 24 2019, 12:20pm (edited at June 24 2019, 12:21pm):
    Hah cars not so much anymore... Sports, not really either. I'm not much of a dancer either, except maybe when I'm playing bass.
Question: What kind of design decisions in REAPER do you regret?
Asked by Markus (181.29.171.x) on June 24 2019, 4:33am
Reply on June 24 2019, 12:19pm:
    Various small things -- making reaper_midi.dll not monolithic in reaper.exe, using double time positions in many places, etc.
Question: Remember Surfing with the Alien? Canned drums was it not? Album was as good or better than later high-dollar studio albums. Ever thought of REAPER as a Fast Tracker II style application? Need JSFX and samples to be stored internal to the RPP. Install REAPER. Play a RPP, or new file format, 'foobar.rppmod' that guarantees there are no external dependencies. Mod-style. Sonar kick. 20 inches? 18 inches?
Asked by JoeDudeNameDropper (173.239.232.x) on June 23 2019, 4:47pm
Reply on June 23 2019, 11:18pm:
    Can't say I ever listened to that album
Question: I just purchased my first license after a couple years of satisfied use.. I am totally happy with 'being legal' now however I have to admit I was a bit deterred at first because my license is only valid until the end of 6.xx, which made me wonder if the stats on your end show a slowdown of purchases when REAPER is at the end of it's version cycle as it is at the moment?
Asked by Sean (201.244.42.x) on June 22 2019, 4:48pm
Reply on June 22 2019, 9:33pm (edited at June 22 2019, 9:36pm):
    We’re at the end?!!?! No, I think most people are buying a license for the software they are using, not trying to snipe a license under the best possible circumstances. The 60 day evaluation period is to evaluate, once that’s up if you’re still using and waiting to try to get a better deal, then you’re not being honest. (I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt about it taking years for you to purchase your license ;).
Question: Maybe, a silly question - If you were never been a programmer, and hence, no REAPER software would be there, then in which DAW you would be making music today? (Sony ACID was your former DAW, right? But that is too out-dated now)
Asked by Abhi (103.61.88.x) on June 17 2019, 6:36pm
Reply on June 18 2019, 2:54am:
    Thankfully that's just a hypothetical! I haven't used anything else in so long, I have no idea! Maybe Ardour?
Question: What is the full form of appstore? Application Store or Apple Store?
Asked by Abhi (117.197.13.x) on June 16 2019, 3:29pm
Reply on June 16 2019, 9:48pm:
    appreciation store?
Question: Do you use unit tests of some kind for REAPER? I mean are there any measurements for not breaking things? Talent aside.
Asked by Gio (94.66.58.x) on June 16 2019, 9:24am
Reply on June 16 2019, 9:47pm:
    Not exactly, the scope would be too wide IMO. But we do try to test thoroughly when changing things, and keep complex changes in public development builds for a long time to catch regressions. Even then though they sometimes do sneak through to releases, usually (but not always) in non-critical ways.
Question: What do you prefer - buying low to mid range, affordable device (smartphone, laptop or anything) every year OR buying a high-end expensive device once per 5 or even 10 years? (in short, which is better - using a budget smartphone and replacing it every year or using a flagship high-end smartphone and use it for 5 years). I guess, you buy high-end devices and replace them every year, right? :P
Asked by Abhi (103.194.226.x) on June 14 2019, 8:00am
Reply on June 14 2019, 1:34pm:
    Usually mid-range and try to make them last as long as possible (though in the case of my phone I did go higher end but I'm going to try to make it last as long as possible). In general I feel bad replacing things with new things... my main computer at home/travel is a mid-2014 RMBP, and the studio is a far older Q9400 desktop, I'll keep it this way as long as I can I think.
Question: Do you know any well known producer/musicians that uses REAPER? if so, can you list them?
Asked by David (47.21.94.x) on June 13 2019, 9:11pm
Reply on June 14 2019, 1:31pm:
    I'm sure Google can produce more results than I can...
Question: Do you ever look back at old screenshots with a sense of satisfaction on just how much REAPER has grown?
Asked by Sai'ke (132.230.195.x) on June 13 2019, 11:38am
Reply on June 13 2019, 1:35pm:
    That's what this is for, hah! Actually I do less of that, but I do appreciate things about REAPER every day as I use it for making hour-long mp3s. ;)
Question: Since airwindows plugins became open source, have you been intrigued to check out their code for inspiration's sake?
Asked by Albi (187.189.28.x) on June 12 2019, 12:16am
Reply on June 12 2019, 1:37am:
    Nah, too many other things to be doing!
Question: Justin, namesake aside I feel we might share a love for music (I like your recordings _/_) I'm a songwriter & also study Indian classical music, learning vocals and Rudra Veena. Also super into jazz - Coltrane, Sun Ra in particular...anyhoo, Indian music has powers to calm the mind and render time & space what they are (i.e. non-existent); I play this music in special needs schools to calm children diagnosed with autism/ADHD/overactive minds.
Asked by Jamie Frankel (5.67.194.x) on June 9 2019, 7:09pm
Reply on June 10 2019, 8:37pm:
    (continued: "I wish to build a unique App involving the creation of a DAW. A passive/therapeutic 'listening' setting will induce a calm mind & an active/collaborative setting will allow ppl from around the world to collaborate on creating beautiful music within the parameters of the Indian musical system, with its highly sophisticated systems of Raga (emotion/melody) and Tala (clap/rhythm)...I have zero experience in programming or software. To my question: might you be intrigued enough to help me?")

    Sounds cool, but no thanks! I've got enough things to do as it is. :)
Question: where there's so many synth VST's out there, can you save me all the stress from downloading and testing each one and recommend me your favorites
Asked by Emmmm (213.7.168.x) on June 9 2019, 5:13pm
Reply on June 10 2019, 8:37pm:
    I don't use too many synths, but I love Pianoteq.
Question: Do you think after 25 or 50 years, smartphones would replace most (not all, obviously) things - computers/laptops, (DSLR) cameras, music players, gaming consoles, in short all multimedia/entertainment related devices? Right now, smartphones can even used as computer mouse and gamepad XD
Asked by Abhi (104.236.195.x) on June 9 2019, 3:58pm
Reply on June 10 2019, 8:37pm:
    Probably yeah
Question: I've found an awesome video comparing ReaComp to ProC and generally doing some great explanations. He shows how parameter scaling is a bit wonky in ReaComp, but what's this - when I go to check in a fresh ReaComp instance, it looks like the "proper" scaling has already been implemented! :) Great job :D
Asked by eubn (79.49.30.x) on June 9 2019, 1:53pm
Reply on June 10 2019, 8:38pm:
    Ah yeah we tweaked ReaComp because of some of those critiques...
Question: Are you left-handed, right-handed or left&right-handed?
Asked by Pony (46.252.212.x) on June 7 2019, 4:08pm
Reply on June 7 2019, 7:17pm:
    Mostly right but some things left (though most of those things I can also do right handed with less grace, e.g. throwing, frisbee, bowling).
Question: If you can choose only 2 devices from these - smartphone, tablet, phablet, laptop & desktop - what two devices would you choose?
Asked by Abhi (117.202.171.x) on June 7 2019, 3:49pm
Reply on June 7 2019, 7:16pm:
    Phone and laptop. Ideally an external mouse/keyboard for the laptop too, for when at home.
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