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Question: Even better way to ask; were you ever left in a LAX airport in a child carrying seat?
Asked by Nicholas Forystek's Server (64.251.31.x) on September 26 2021, 3:19am

Question: I asked my question wrong, so I'm going to ask if you have ever met or know or relate to a couple names, I think I got it wrong. Beatrice Arthur, Beatrice Frankel, Mary Kay Ash, Mary Kay Ingles?
Asked by Nicholas Forystek (173.16.33.x) on September 26 2021, 3:11am

Question: Do you think Bernie have a chance next election?
Asked by DdSL (191.54.63.x) on September 23 2021, 5:33pm
Reply on September 24 2021, 10:50pm:
    No idea, but I wouldn't think so.
Question: I want to use EEL2 as an FX processor but I am afraid... EEL was more approachable but that's history; the second iteration was okay too but at some point went way too much... A word or two might help? Am I going to need the dragon book too?
Asked by Gio (94.70.11.x) on September 22 2021, 8:50am
Reply on September 24 2021, 10:51pm:
    It's pretty easy to use from other code, I think? NSEEL_VM_alloc() NSEEL_VM_regvar() NSEEL_code_compile() NSEEL_code_execute() NSEEL_code_free() NSEEL_VM_free() should be enough to get started.
Question: VST3: Do you compile REAPER with C++ exceptions enabled and if you do so have you noticed any performance related issues with various intel architectures?
Asked by Gio (94.70.11.x) on September 21 2021, 11:07pm
Reply on September 24 2021, 10:54pm:
    We don't use C++ exceptions, but compile our code on Windows using /EHsc. Haven't noticed any performance issues.
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Question: MacBook Pro vs Thinkpad X1
Asked by Justin (62.182.99.x) on September 21 2021, 9:13pm
Reply on September 24 2021, 10:55pm:
    I'm using a 2014 rMBP now because of work requirements but I do really like my X1 with Linux (if I was on vacation where I wouldn't have to deal with any work, which never happens, I'd take the X1).
Question: Would it take more hours to mow the lawn in the backyard or port reaplugs to linux-VST3?
Asked by shorty (91.42.245.x) on September 20 2021, 6:46am
Reply on September 20 2021, 9:11pm:
    complicated by the fact their UIs use win32, which would require SWELL, but that would be iffy at best on other hosts? Anyway, not really the best use of our time!
Question: Would you consider adding a retrospective looping capability to Super8? That is, recording to a buffer and then the user has buttons that loop back the buffered 1/n of the measure? This approach to looping is used by beardyman to reduce friction and to avoid fussing around with deleting and re-recording loops when mistakes are made.
Asked by Stefan (72.53.234.x) on September 20 2021, 3:41am
Reply on September 20 2021, 9:11pm:
    That could be cool, maybe?
Question: Any thoughts on Pipewire?
Asked by Georg (95.90.213.x) on September 18 2021, 4:20pm
Reply on September 19 2021, 8:09pm:
    I haven't really looked at it, but what's wrong with JACK anyway?
Question: Have you tried Neovim (neovim.io? What do you think about it?
Asked by Matt (187.19.232.x) on September 18 2021, 2:57pm
Reply on September 19 2021, 8:09pm:
    I haven't tried it yet, I use vim a lot so I suppose I ought to.
Question: Do you use a tablet?
Asked by Simon (2.247.248.x) on September 17 2021, 11:18am
Reply on September 18 2021, 1:51am:
    Only as an alarm clock
Question: What do you think about Edge Computing (like Cloudflare Worker) future?
Asked by boemeke (138.204.26.x) on September 15 2021, 12:34pm
Reply on September 18 2021, 1:51am:
    Haven't looked at it
Question: Has anyone ever recognised you on street and wanted to make a photo with you or get an signature? How do you react?
Asked by random (82.207.238.x) on September 14 2021, 7:48pm
Reply on September 15 2021, 12:38am:
    I don't think so...
Question: Hi Justin, what kind of car/truck do you drive daily? (brand, model, years)
Asked by Koch (117.38.4.x) on September 13 2021, 12:05am
Reply on September 13 2021, 3:35am (edited at September 13 2021, 6:22pm):
    this though this spring I put on some Surly Open Bar handlebars with a riser stem to great effect. I also have full fenders w/ 32mm tires, an Axiom Journey rack, and a cupholder.
Question: Are you vaccinated? If yes, then how many doses so far? And name of the vaccine you have taken?
Asked by Abhi (27.58.3.x) on September 12 2021, 4:43pm
Reply on September 12 2021, 10:25pm:
    2 Pfizer doses, both some months ago. (I feel really luck to have access to this!)
Question: How about wdl_log display __FILE__ __LINE__? Maybe you can use #define WDL_LOG(...) wdl_log_print(__FILE__, __LINE__, __VA_ARGS__) and void wdl_log_print(const char *file, int line, const char *fmt, ...) #else #define WDL_LOG(...) do {} while(0)
Asked by Gio (94.68.165.x) on September 11 2021, 8:53pm
Reply on September 11 2021, 11:13pm:
    I forget, does __FILE__ in a macro give you the file of the macro, or the file of where the macro was invoked?
Question: Are you going to watch the new Matrix movie?
Asked by MS_from_Sweden (82.100.127.x) on September 11 2021, 7:27pm
Reply on September 11 2021, 11:14pm:
    Yeah sure. The first one was great.
Question: What do you think about logic programming languages, such as Prolog?
Asked by Matt (187.19.232.x) on September 11 2021, 1:13am
Reply on September 11 2021, 11:14pm:
    Never touched 'em
Question: Did you play Disco Elysium? If yes, what kind of detective were you?
Asked by Fred (91.33.161.x) on September 8 2021, 6:12pm
Reply on September 8 2021, 8:33pm:
    I haven't (I'm old and boring!)
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Question: I am so thankful that Reaper still works on Windows 7, as I have no intention of upgrading to W10. Are there any plans to change this? (Seems like too many other developers have abandoned W7 already)
Asked by NigelH175 (90.251.100.x) on September 7 2021, 1:46pm
Reply on September 7 2021, 11:13pm:
    We will not change that any time soon, no.
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