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Question: What's the last programming thing you learned?
Asked by Will (23.125.224.x) on February 26 2020, 1:32am

Question: hey- after hearing about the apollo masters vinyl lacquer fire (aggrrg!) -did you ever get to cutting any vinyl,or will you ever perhaps? ((as there's supposed to be a higher quality 'digital process' in the works))
Asked by 2020 (95.151.177.x) on February 25 2020, 10:57pm

Question: I think there is some problem with REAPER's icon/logo. I have put other apps too near to REAPER just for comparison. All of them are scaling properly. Synfig Studio's icon isn't scaling but it is persistently showing. Whereas REAPER's icon neither scale nor persistently show when I zoom in and out. See this imgur.com/RqicGTl
Asked by Apple iCon (46.101.16.x) on February 24 2020, 10:50am
Reply on February 24 2020, 2:28pm (edited at February 24 2020, 2:35pm):
    This probably belongs in the BR forum and not here. You could look at the shortcut to see what it defines its icon as, though, that could be an error.
Question: Why separate OS X 10.15 Catalina download for REAPER? Why not included it with the original downloader for OS X? I am Windows user. Just headed there for update and I found this. Just curious.
Asked by Catalina (162.243.127.x) on February 24 2020, 10:36am
Reply on February 24 2020, 2:28pm:
    The Catalina version has additional entitlements/signing/etc which can cause problems for some plug-ins, and affects Mojave users as well as Catalina.
Question: After reinstalling Windows 10 to the latest version, ASIO4ALL isn't giving sound in my earphones anymore, which is connected to my laptop. Though ASIO4ALL gives sound to my laptop's speakers, but not to my earphones :( I have tried to make my earphones as default device, still not working. Also, I don't want to use crappy default Windows driver (WASAPI, right?) Any suggestion to fix this? It worked before in my old update of Windows 10
Asked by Abhi (182.64.61.x) on February 24 2020, 6:25am
Reply on February 24 2020, 2:27pm:
    Hmm dunno, probably a device-specific issue?
Question: Hello Justin, Are you aware of the huge and ever-growing podcasting community in Germany using Reaper as a foundation for Ultraschall.fm which makes it a brilliant podcasting suite? We’ve got 6000 users and counting. We’d love to get in contact with you about it and I think you might like what we did with reaper, this is more than just a skin. :) Version 4 is coming out quite soon. Now that we have reversed engineered and hacked The UI (we couldn’t get a hold of you) it would be much nicer to speak directly
Asked by Malik (78.35.53.x) on February 24 2020, 12:46am
Reply on February 24 2020, 2:26pm:
    You can always email me, my email is pretty obvious.
Question: Are user posted links truncated on purpose (e.g. q=5018, q=5021)?
Asked by nofish (89.247.253.x) on February 23 2020, 11:16pm
Reply on February 24 2020, 2:26pm:
    No, that's a bug, fixing those temporarily, need to fix the original issue too hmm.
Question: how do you get the time to answer about 5 questions everyday.
Asked by mike (74.56.100.x) on February 23 2020, 10:51pm
Reply on February 24 2020, 2:25pm:
    By spending a tiny amount on each question
Question: What do you think of this amusing gif? gxcuf89792.i.lithium.com/t5/image/...
Asked by Geometry (103.107.196.x) on February 23 2020, 5:22pm
Reply on February 23 2020, 10:01pm (edited at February 24 2020, 2:25pm):
    I've seen more impressive uses of Excel ;)
Question: What kind of music do you prefer to listen when you 're programming ?
Asked by Vagelis (91.140.90.x) on February 23 2020, 5:05pm
Reply on February 23 2020, 10:02pm:
    Same as normal. [prog|indie|post|psychedelic] rock, jazz, and stuff
Question: I read somewhere that you don't like dark themes and still REAPER 6 is dark by default. Weird :P Anyway, in softwares, why there are constant updates for bug fixes? I mean, can't developers fix all bugs at once and release a bug-free software? Or when developers try to fix bugs or add something, then new bugs appear? Are softwares suppose to have bugs? It means that OS we use like Windows, Mac, Ubuntu, even they have bugs? Suppose if we are working on a critical project and boom, our computer crash? Bad :(
Asked by Abhi (122.161.247.x) on February 23 2020, 4:30am
Reply on February 23 2020, 10:03pm:
    The number of states that very complex software can be in is probably too high to ever make it bug-free, IMO.
Question: Does this thread melt your heart? old.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comment...
Asked by Robert (73.16.246.x) on February 22 2020, 10:13am
Reply on February 22 2020, 10:53pm (edited at February 24 2020, 2:25pm):
Question: Is there any ways of banning an IP address, or configure anything else from Ninjam without interrupting a productive Ninjam server on a linux host machine? And while putting in the IP address to ban via ACL xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/yyy deny, what does the /yyy do? Because when I put it in as a range, it doesn't accept the line.
Asked by David (74.101.225.x) on February 22 2020, 6:08am
Reply on February 22 2020, 10:53pm:
    On the win32 version there's some code to allow reloading the configuration by hitting "R" at the console. You could enable this for non-win32 with a little tweaking. The /yyy is a subnet mask. /32 means the one IP only, /24 means only the first 24 bits of address are matched, etc. (This is common syntax when defining IP ranges)
Question: Youre a good good man. I feel people could be abusing your payment method. Why not just price it like $50 and just give people 60-day trial and then it stops on 61st day unless people pay. To be fair to you.
Asked by Carlo (49.144.129.x) on February 20 2020, 4:21pm
Reply on February 20 2020, 8:54pm:
    That’s easier said than done
Question: When you and Schwa are tired of working (whole day? Or just 9 to 5?) on REAPER, do one of you ask another "Enough for today, let's hang out together, watch a movie or just eat outside and have tea or coffee"? :D
Asked by Abhi (106.212.156.x) on February 20 2020, 11:13am
Reply on February 20 2020, 3:03pm:
    We're geographically distributed so that doesn't happen so much, occasionally we go hiking though... Anyway our work schedules are not fixed, so we work whenever things need to get done.
Question: Is wireless studio headphones enough for high quality music production or I need wired? Any suggestions? I don't want to blast out my music to everyone that's why I need good high quality headphones (or earphones??), not speakers, haha
Asked by HeadSmartPhones (104.131.66.x) on February 19 2020, 3:07pm
Reply on February 19 2020, 3:09pm:
    I'd go wired. I like my Grado SR80s, not expensive, but everyone will be able to hear them too
Question: Just like there are streaming for music, videos, and now even games too. How is the idea of streaming softwares? Means, the software is not installed in your device, it is only provided to you through streaming. Is it a good idea? If yes, and if this will happen in future, will you add REAPER into streaming software service? (Advantage of this is that we can even operate REAPER in a low-end android phone, very smoothly, with all our projects perfectly saved into cloud :D
Asked by Abhi (182.68.70.x) on February 19 2020, 12:58pm
Reply on February 19 2020, 2:17pm:
    I don't think it makes much sense, yet.
Question: Do developers separately develop 32 bit and 64 bit softwares or they are same, except for few codes? Also for Windows and Macs? Do they have entirely separate codes or just few codes are separate, which are OS dependent?
Asked by Abhi (106.212.152.x) on February 17 2020, 2:10pm
Reply on February 17 2020, 2:24pm:
    Usually it's the same code, but a little care has to be made in order for it to work on both.
Question: I know this is inappropriate to ask here. You and Schwa, just 2 guys, have made this incredible DAW but why don't you make a native drum machine plugin into it? I mean, with those 16 pads for custom drum sounds? All other DAWs have this except REAPER. You made REAPER, I don't think it's hard for you guys to make a simple, decent 16 pad drum machine plugin for it :( :'(
Asked by :( :'( (178.62.113.x) on February 17 2020, 1:55pm
Reply on February 17 2020, 2:23pm:
    There are plenty of drum machines out there for you
Question: are you practicing fast drum drills-or any type of musical speed training regular? if not,why not!? :p
Asked by 2020 (95.151.177.x) on February 16 2020, 11:11pm
Reply on February 17 2020, 3:19am:
    No, any specific recommendations?
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