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Question: Justin, can I somehow teach myself how to code (C++ ?) by examining the WDL code? I acquired so many books on programming but still do not get how to start making a music notation editor.
Asked by Pashkuli (84.9.31.x) on May 16 2022, 8:40pm
Reply on May 17 2022, 12:50am:
    That would be a very difficult way to learn, it would like learning Hungarian from a menu at a restaurant... A music notation editor is a very complex thing! It's probably better to start with smaller tasks.
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Question: Thanks for the "Geeking out with" interview you gave us. I enjoyed a lot. You are an admirable person for sure.
Asked by JaviRamallo (195.235.163.x) on May 15 2022, 5:08pm
Reply on May 17 2022, 12:49am:
Question: I'm learning front-end web dev and feels like it's always something new re-inventing the wheel a little bit. Any advice for sticking to a single stack or career path or in life in general? Feels like "I shouldn't marry this framework/stack because something else will come out".
Asked by Beto (177.228.208.x) on May 14 2022, 6:03pm
Reply on May 14 2022, 9:01pm:
    Definitely good to learn overall skills in addition to the specifics of a particular API/framework (the latter you can look up, overall skills let you know what you're looking for or how to find it)
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Question: Do you have kids
Asked by Alejandro Silva (98.174.248.x) on May 12 2022, 7:28pm
Reply on May 12 2022, 7:55pm:
    I do not and I am planning to keep it that way
Question: Do you do the JS for Reaper for like the render graphs and or the web interface?
Asked by Beto (177.228.208.x) on May 12 2022, 6:02am
Reply on May 12 2022, 1:11pm:
    I did most of the web interface code, schwa did the render graphs
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Question: It seems that your "small, cross-platform, open-source application which could fuck with the various crypto networks" has been successful. Congratz for having done that in secret! :D
Asked by XFSJ (89.82.152.x) on May 11 2022, 1:00pm
Reply on May 11 2022, 7:45pm (edited at May 12 2022, 1:12pm):
    It was already crumbling (whether it continues or it gets revitalized for another 3 years who knows)
Question: I assume you're heavily invested in the market. Do big market moves like this past month bum you out or do you not think about it?
Asked by Will (23.125.224.x) on May 9 2022, 8:15pm
Reply on May 9 2022, 9:04pm:
    I mostly don't pay attention
Question: Have you felt lovelornnes? What helped?
Asked by Pete (46.114.168.x) on May 9 2022, 7:55pm
Reply on May 9 2022, 9:03pm:
    Not in a very long time (so no idea)
Question: I have 2 questions. One, do you use Reaper Linux on Ubuntu and Two, have you kept up with the latest developments with Pipewire/Jack that might replace Pulseaudio/Jack?
Asked by bringkeys (70.190.185.x) on May 8 2022, 11:56pm
Reply on May 9 2022, 1:23am:
    I use both Ubuntu and Debian yeah... Following pipewire a little but waiting a bit before supporting (I mostly use ALSA directly heh).
Question: Have you ever fiddled with the Radium music editor? If yes, what do you think about the (interface) concept of combining DAW and tracker?
Asked by spoiled hobo (77.180.146.x) on May 8 2022, 5:07pm
Reply on May 9 2022, 1:23am:
    I haven't.
Question: Are MiniZip64_Changes.txt:5:7 typos intentional? You can safely ignore the Q if it supposed to be something funny for native speakers - no need to explain.
Asked by Gio (94.70.26.x) on May 8 2022, 9:53am
Reply on May 8 2022, 12:49pm:
    Those came from the original zlib copy, our only additions are the WDL-related lines. I suppose we should remove that file and use MiniZip64_info.txt instead
Question: How do you give rest to your eyes (and your body), considering that you have to work 10-15 hours per day (am I right?) in front of your computer?
Asked by Abhi (182.69.99.x) on May 7 2022, 5:06pm
Reply on May 7 2022, 9:16pm:
    10-15 hours a day happens extremely rarely these days, it was more common in my 20s
Question: What's the wildest math concept you've learned about or had to deal with? Or maybe a CS one.
Asked by Beto (177.228.208.x) on May 6 2022, 5:14pm
Reply on May 7 2022, 9:17pm:
    I dunno about math or CS, but I read somewhere recently how galaxies that are extremely far away can look closer than galaxies that are closer, because when the light originated from the really far-away galaxy, the universe was smaller, which makes the galaxy look larger. Or something.
Question: Hi Justin. Hope you are doing well. I was wondering if you might have a chance to have a look at the DDP Marker Editor that you help port to Mac. I’ve had a few guys email me about getting it to work with the new Macs (M1) arm processor, and few guys ask about a Linux port. I have no idea how to do this as I’ve not done anything with it for 4 years now. I’m just a Guitar Player…lol Anyway, I didn’t think it would hurt to ask you, since you done the Mac port. The code is still on GitHub Here: github
Asked by Wyatt (76.77.164.x) on May 6 2022, 3:29pm
Reply on May 7 2022, 9:17pm:
    I might at some point but for M1 nothing really changes other than recompiling
Question: How are the getChunk and setChunk Reaper VST extensions used?
Asked by Datajake1999 (172.115.154.x) on May 6 2022, 12:26pm
Reply on May 7 2022, 9:20pm:
    effVendorSpecific/effGetChunk is called when a reascript or similar calls TrackFX_GetNamedConfigParm(). value is a pointer to the name, ptr is a buffer, and the float value is the size of the buffer. a string should be written and 0xf00d returned if supported.

    effVendorSpecific/effSetChunk is called when a reascript or similar calls SetNamedConfigParm(), value is a pointer to the name, ptr is a pointer to a null-terminated string. Should return 0xf00d if supported.
Question: Which thing makes you love a song? Lyrics only? Music only? Lyrics first then music? Music first then lyrics? "Oh, I just love to listen to cool drum beats and nothing else"? :P
Asked by Abhi (27.58.87.x) on May 6 2022, 10:42am
Reply on May 7 2022, 9:21pm:
    All of it. For lyrics, the exact or intended meaning matters less than the melody, rhythm, and pleasing sounds of the words. Good songs often end up with you assigning your own meanings or incorrect words to them anyway...
Question: WDL_TypedBuf::SetToZero(): Did you had any issues related to uninitialized memory? if (1) I want to hear about those cases. Thanks
Asked by Gio (94.70.26.x) on May 5 2022, 8:42pm
Reply on May 5 2022, 9:39pm:
    No, but there are a lot of cases of memset(buf.Get(),0,buf.GetSize()*sizeof(*buf.Get())) so it's nicer to just have buf.SetToZero()
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Question: How to you plan out a huge project like reaper? I mean even the options have options, how do you develop something like this and not get overwhelmed?
Asked by MyNameIsSam (38.29.182.x) on May 4 2022, 6:18am
Reply on May 4 2022, 6:34pm:
    It evolves, not all according to plan
Question: How to not be lost in computer programming and music area? Two very big field of study. I, as a musician, normally feel lacking some basic concepts. And as I progress studying code I feel getting rust at music. What is your perspective in this area seeing yourself and others you know?
Asked by DdSL (186.210.31.x) on May 4 2022, 1:44am
Reply on May 4 2022, 6:34pm:
    I dunno, you're always learning I guess?
Question: Do you like the soundbars by Samsung?
Asked by jimmy (208.38.246.x) on May 3 2022, 7:50pm
Reply on May 3 2022, 9:52pm:
    I haven't tried them
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