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Question: Reaper's fast growing feature set is attracting more and more professional users, and I expect the user base will keep growing quickly as you continue to improve it. Is there a concern that the growing user base will far outgrow the service that a tiny company like Cockos can provide? You've mentioned you don't want to expand because you're not good at managing people, but surely you only need to hire one trustworthy person who IS good at managing people, and let them deal with the rest?
Asked by Joe90 (82.27.227.x) on January 24 2020, 12:57am
Reply on January 24 2020, 3:38am:
    When we need to expand in order to adequately support the user base, we will!
Question: To whom do you plan to pass the 'Scythe' when you can't code anymore?
Asked by soulreapah (110.54.151.x) on January 22 2020, 1:25pm
Reply on January 22 2020, 1:46pm:
    Maybe I can code from San Junipero?
Question: is this a reasonable question?
Asked by bertrand (136.24.120.x) on January 20 2020, 11:11pm
Reply on January 21 2020, 10:47pm:
    stack overflow
Question: i suspect a global attack on free speech-- what's your opinion? (silicon valley&,or,politicians)
Asked by 2020 (2.25.95.x) on January 19 2020, 5:56pm
Reply on January 20 2020, 12:32am:
    Depends on what you mean by free speech, I guess?
Question: Our boy Connor McGregor is back! Did you watch last night's fight?
Asked by Mommy (104.223.93.x) on January 19 2020, 2:11pm
Reply on January 19 2020, 2:33pm:
    Of course not
Question: Is Windows 10 secretly free? I recently downloaded free & original ISO file from Microsoft website. And there is no 'activation' watermark in my newly installed Windows 10. Also it is shown as 'Windows is activated' in settings, even though I didn't activate it or purchased any key for it. Does Microsoft giving their precious Windows for free now (at least, for Home users)? (I have Win 10 Home edition, btw) (Don't know if Pro is free like Home)
Asked by Bill Windows (59.99.116.x) on January 18 2020, 5:12pm
Reply on January 19 2020, 2:57am (edited at January 19 2020, 2:58am):
Question: How did you 'get' schwa? Was there a formal job interview, did you know him before or?
Asked by wasereb4 (89.247.253.x) on January 15 2020, 3:39am
Reply on January 15 2020, 1:38pm:
    At the schwa store! In all seriousness, he expressed interest and then made a long technical and philosophical campaign which was ultimately successful.
Question: Hey. Do you consider adding new features/bug fixes/updates to the ninjam server architecture?
Asked by David (74.101.225.x) on January 13 2020, 9:42pm
Reply on January 13 2020, 11:32pm:
    Not really, but I'd take patches and merge them into our codebase as appropriate.
Question: hey- will you return to your birthplace @ some point?
Asked by 2020 (31.124.45.x) on January 12 2020, 12:50pm
Reply on January 12 2020, 1:15pm:
    I go to the area from time to time, but the actual place (town, hospital), probably not.
Question: Have you ever been in Disneyland? If you were, what was your favorite ride/experience?
Asked by Georgy (108.185.102.x) on January 10 2020, 9:28am
Reply on January 11 2020, 12:48pm:
    Not in many many years. My most fond memory as a kid were the boats we could drive around, I think...
Question: Do you consider yourself a fast code reader?
Asked by Will (23.125.224.x) on January 9 2020, 1:42pm
Reply on January 9 2020, 1:52pm:
    No idea. How do I check?
Question: hey- are you interested in fractals? (fractal universe perhaps?)
Asked by 2020 (31.124.45.x) on January 8 2020, 11:25pm
Reply on January 9 2020, 12:37pm:
    I like the mandelbrot set as much as anybody, but no not really
Question: Do you ever forget what a specific part of the Reaper code does, and thus sort of have to reverse engineer it to fix something?
Asked by mlprod (155.4.133.x) on January 8 2020, 10:27pm
Reply on January 9 2020, 1:46am:
    There's definitely time where I have to read the code to figure out how it works, yes. Sometimes I didn't write it, but sometimes I did.
Question: How many countries did you visit?
Asked by Georgy (108.185.102.x) on January 8 2020, 7:57am
Reply on January 8 2020, 12:39pm:
    I've been to maybe a dozen or so?
Question: Was Gene murdered?
Asked by JoeLongerName (98.234.196.x) on January 8 2020, 1:32am
Reply on January 8 2020, 12:39pm:
    K? I don't think so. He was really depressed :(
Question: how did you learn to play drums? any specific drum tutorials
Asked by doep (83.168.36.x) on January 6 2020, 9:16pm
Reply on January 7 2020, 2:46pm:
    Not really, mostly just been brute forcing it for the last many years
Question: is macos really better over windows for audio?
Asked by daniel cha (177.170.162.x) on January 5 2020, 11:27pm
Reply on January 7 2020, 2:45pm:
    CoreAudio is a lot nicer to program with than say, WASAPI. Each platforms has different strengths and weaknesses, though.
Question: Do You think, killing Soleimani was a good idea?
Asked by Pony (94.230.203.x) on January 5 2020, 12:40am
Reply on January 7 2020, 2:45pm:
    I don't know the details, but I'm thinking it was probably not a good idea.
Question: have you followed the progress of autonomous vehicles ? if so when do you think we will see level 5 cars on the road ?
Asked by EcBaPr (119.18.2.x) on January 4 2020, 5:30pm
Reply on January 7 2020, 2:44pm:
    Some yes. Not sure when we will. I don't doubt they will get to be as (in)competent as people are, the question will be will we be able to trust machines with the same level of power and destruction as we trust people with now. People are (collectively) terrible at driving, and cars are incredibly dangerous. Anyway... it'll be a while. I'm also skeptical of the induced demand they will bring (if you don't have to actually do the driving, and gas/electricity is cheap, why not go do XYZ all the time).
Question: How do you approach learning new skills/information? Do you use mnemonics or have you developed some system that speed up that process?
Asked by Georgy (108.185.102.x) on January 4 2020, 8:44am
Reply on January 7 2020, 2:42pm:
    These days I write down the key words to remember what to internet search for...
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