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Question: Are you anyhow, related to Stillwell's plugins? Read the 4th point - stillwellaudio.com/licensing/
Asked by Abhi (117.202.170.x) on April 21 2019, 4:23pm

Question: Hey Justin, thank you for WDL ... and for REAPER as well...(not really a question, anyway)
Asked by Enrico (82.57.153.x) on April 21 2019, 10:15am

Question: A hypothetical question - if you weren't a programmer and didn't made REAPER and if you got a job offer from NASA and Federal Reserve System, which job will you choose? (former is related to space stuffs and latter is related to finance stuffs, as you know). In short, which job do you like better than the other one?
Asked by Abhi (117.197.4.x) on April 20 2019, 11:18am
Reply on April 20 2019, 3:27pm:
    I’d probably go with whichever job looked more interesting... which would probably be NASA, but you never know the NASA job could also be incredibly boring and pointless. I did a short internship at Ames in high school and the work was pretty boring (though the experience was positive!)
Question: Was there a first time that you programmed something and just knew this was what you wanted to do? If so, do you remember what is was?
Asked by schmoe (172.218.181.x) on April 19 2019, 4:46pm
Reply on April 20 2019, 3:28pm:
    I don’t know the first time, but in high school writing a crappy DAC EMS music player, and a LAN e-mail program, I was having a good time.
Question: When songwriting, do you prefer using a notebook with pen or pencil? Or would you rather type on your keyboard?
Asked by Prizmaxic (96.3.195.x) on April 19 2019, 2:57pm
Reply on April 19 2019, 3:23pm:
    I try both but fail miserably, usually I end up trying to improvise over and over until I get it... then pull the best take from the recording.
Question: Are you into emotional trance music? If yes, then please listen to this song, it is very very emotional & lovely. Do you like the song? youtube.com/watch?v=R3_uj5QvUa4
Asked by Abhi (103.61.91.x) on April 19 2019, 1:26pm
Reply on April 19 2019, 3:24pm:
    Not really my thing
Question: Are people born on 1 January 2000, lucky? (Also, what is your birth date?)
Asked by Abhi (103.61.88.x) on April 18 2019, 1:58pm
Reply on April 18 2019, 7:39pm:
    I'd imagine they're like anybody else, except everybody is hung over on their birthday? My birthday you could probably infer from one of my web sites.
Question: Do you think it is useful to use Matlab in designing and testing DSP algorithms for audio softwares or plugins?
Asked by Enrico (95.235.4.x) on April 18 2019, 6:03am
Reply on April 18 2019, 7:38pm:
    It apparently is, but I haven't done it myself.
Question: Are there any features you would have added to Reaper, but didn't as they were allready scripted?
Asked by todd_r (193.113.57.x) on April 17 2019, 2:02pm
Reply on April 17 2019, 2:41pm:
    Usually if there's something I really need often I like to have it in-built...
Question: Which is the most horror movie you have ever seen? (want to watch some horror movies these days at midnight, haha)
Asked by Abhi (117.245.71.x) on April 17 2019, 1:03pm
Reply on April 17 2019, 2:41pm:
    I can't say I watch a lot of horror movies. I liked things like Dead Alive and Evil Dead, back in the day.
Question: Can I use your 'PathSync' software for syncing ebooks, music and videos between my Windows laptop and Android phone? I always needed a software which can sync my messy flies and folders between my two devices and it was such hectic for me to manually do it. Sometimes, I download stuffs from my phone, sometimes from my laptop. Since PathSync is in BETA version, I wonder maybe sometime it can corrupt my syncing and may not copy properly? Are you planning to release stable version soon?
Asked by Abhi (117.197.1.x) on April 16 2019, 1:22pm
Reply on April 16 2019, 3:13pm:
    Maybe, it's beta because of the UTF-8 additions, but it's probably reasonably stable.
Question: whats a good investment right now?
Asked by 2Kinvestor (159.89.136.x) on April 15 2019, 11:08pm
Reply on April 16 2019, 3:13pm:
    Short Lyft? I dunno ;)
Question: when do you estimate reaper 6 will be released? any estimated month much appreciated
Asked by Guest (83.168.53.x) on April 14 2019, 9:44pm
Reply on April 15 2019, 1:07pm:
    I don't have any idea, sorry (also see above)
Question: How do you deal with unwanted relatives coming to your home to meet you?
Asked by Abhi (103.195.213.x) on April 14 2019, 9:14am
Reply on April 14 2019, 12:32pm:
    That's never been a problem?
Question: When did you last update the website - www.cockos.com? I hope it is not years :P
Asked by Abhi (139.5.10.x) on April 13 2019, 5:43am
Reply on April 14 2019, 12:32pm:
    There was a licecap update recently...
Question: What do you think about Googles Fuchsia operating system?
Asked by protux (178.32.147.x) on April 11 2019, 12:09am
Reply on April 12 2019, 3:37pm:
    Haven't really looked at it I must confess
Question: Assuming you use one at all, what's your preferred music player when on Linux? I've struggled to find anything similar to our old friend Winamp - Amarok gets close but it's outdated and buggy.
Asked by Lokasenna (184.68.216.x) on April 10 2019, 6:48pm
Reply on April 12 2019, 3:37pm:
    REAPER's media explorer, or WHUMP in a browser :)
Question: Are you familiar with VEGAS PRO? Sony abandoned its development way back in the day, and it's been under new management (Magix) since 2016. The code is 20 years old now, and though the software has huge potential (thanks to its still unmatched intuitive (and powerful) interface, it frankly needs to be re-written from the ground up, incorporating various new technologies. If the proper offer were presented to you, would you be interested to join such an endeavor?
Asked by Cosmin Gurau (188.26.225.x) on April 10 2019, 6:13pm
Reply on April 12 2019, 3:37pm:
    I used to use Vegas v4-v6 back in the day. I'm happy working on REAPER though.
Question: Don't know how to force LICE's blit functions to work with source alpha, while Windows's Alphablend works and decided not to use libpng for now, it's very big, tough and cluttered, ended up using lodepng for now, what do you think about lodepng?
Asked by Pony (78.152.169.x) on April 10 2019, 8:54am
Reply on April 10 2019, 1:30pm:
    LICE_BLIT_USE_ALPHA, probably. Though if I remember correctly, LICE's source alpha is not premultiplied, vs Windows API is. Lodepng looks cool but I haven't used it. Most things we make end up using zlib anyway so might as well share that code?
Question: Someone did winamp in javascript again ... did you see? winxp.now.sh/
Asked by Will (50.84.190.x) on April 9 2019, 5:44pm
Reply on April 9 2019, 11:56pm:
    Nice, looks like it is the same webamp bundled in there...
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