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Question: The sincerity of your replies could lead to believe that AskJF is becoming an "AskJFAnything". If this page provides hours of entertainment for you, have you ever considered looking at readers' searches by tagging the IP as in their posts? Perhaps you will find there some surprising queries born of a simple ephemeral curiosity about a person whom one finds inspiring? Finally, I imagine you devote time to more inspiring activities like flying an airplane ;) Yours,
Asked by Arlequin (37.172.190.x) on September 20 2020, 7:04pm
Reply on September 21 2020, 12:17am:
    I'm afraid to look! But that's an interesting idea.
Question: Where's the neatest place you've seen AVS running?
Asked by Will (23.125.224.x) on September 19 2020, 6:17am
Reply on September 21 2020, 12:17am:
    No idea, does anybody use it? :)
Question: Do you think that the future of computer music will be like our computers with keyboard / mouse or are we going towards Raspberries and co. (each artist making his own black-box pedal fx style) or do you think we will sink into virtual reality or something else? Back to the acoustics warmness at the end maybe ? :)
Asked by Arlequin (37.170.230.x) on September 18 2020, 7:16pm
Reply on September 21 2020, 12:18am:
    I like physical instruments a whole lot.
Question: How large is the REAPER userbase and do you collect informations about user / computer (with or without licence) in order to make any statistics / licence validation ? Simple curiosity ;) Have a good day !
Asked by Arlequin (37.170.243.x) on September 18 2020, 9:54am
Reply on September 18 2020, 12:55pm:
    More people than you can fit in a restaurant! We do collect a little bit of information when REAPER checks for new versions, which we can analyze for statistics, but we only keep that information for a few months at a time.
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Question: Would you REAPER as kind of the 'Linux of DAWs' (as I've seen written in audio forums occassionally)?
Asked by wasereb4 (94.134.90.x) on September 18 2020, 12:27am
Reply on September 18 2020, 3:31am:
    Not really, I'd think of it as the "what I'd like to use" of DAWs... :)
Question: Can LICEcap get a save as video option too please?
Asked by Yadu (122.172.252.x) on September 17 2020, 2:51pm
Reply on September 18 2020, 3:31am:
Question: i have a super potato laptop - 4 GB ram, AMD A9 processor.... should i opt for 32 bit of Windows 10 instead of 64 bit? Also, no other version of Windows run in this laptop, and also no Linux OS too (i have checked all)
Asked by confused (122.161.243.x) on September 14 2020, 4:48am
Reply on September 14 2020, 12:20pm:
    I'd run 64 bit at this point! More registers and address space, yeah!
Question: Don't You think, ReaScript forum has some stinky sticky threads? Maybe it's time to let go some?:)
Asked by Pony (78.152.169.x) on September 11 2020, 12:27pm
Reply on September 12 2020, 5:16pm:
    Yeah maybe but lazy
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Question: Hey Justin! I'm planning coding software which is like a media explorer. I checked your amazing software and love it! Could you give me some tips especially drag & drop media files to desktop or somewhere? Big love
Asked by Ahmet (46.155.128.x) on September 11 2020, 12:13pm
Reply on September 12 2020, 5:16pm:
    That's a pain -- on Windows one uses https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/win32/api/ole2/nf-ole2-dodragdrop .. on macOS you can use SWELL_InitiateDragDrop() etc
Question: Reaper is all about efficiency, right? Why not make the channelstrip control embeddable and walterable? It would save a million clicks fo opening plugin windows. Current "show fx controls in mcp" is hard to look at, too tiny, cluttered and ugly. Is there a hope to get fully Walter for the whole channel strip including fader section? Thank you for your remarkable work!
Asked by Andy (190.166.198.x) on September 9 2020, 11:36pm
Reply on September 12 2020, 5:14pm:
    Some people are in to channelstrips, other people not so much? maybe someone should make a channel strip JSFX with embedded UI?
Question: I'm thinking about the possibility on how to add Text2Speech somehow to Reaper and wonder, if it would be able to route its output to Reaper's audioengine, like metronome, hearable but not recorded. How would you attempt doing that? Which are the Api-functions I should have a look at?
Asked by Mespotine (2.247.248.x) on September 8 2020, 11:33am
Reply on September 8 2020, 12:27pm:
    See Audio_RegHardwareHook() and audio_hook_register_t
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Question: Loving the Reaplay mini-mode, it's less than 32px tall! Thanks for including it even though there's probably zero demand for that nowdays. This is now my media player when Reaper's on, so I don't have to pry control from my fickle ASIO drivers
Asked by Jarrad (180.150.113.x) on September 8 2020, 12:19am
Reply on September 8 2020, 12:26pm:
    Ah thanks!
Question: I guess at this point WALTER has matured enough and you have gained some insight. Was the polish notation a good choice for both devs and users? Is it comparable with XML based wasabi? Also, fade memory tells that maki compiler was always a mystery...
Asked by Gio (79.130.190.x) on September 7 2020, 9:16am
Reply on September 7 2020, 12:04pm:
    In hindsight letting Lua or EEL2 do the layout would probably have been better, but WALTER does have one big fan at least?
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Question: Any interesting comments about this? :) --> skins.webamp.org/
Asked by MS_from_Sweden (82.100.127.x) on September 5 2020, 4:23pm
Reply on September 5 2020, 5:11pm:
    It's awesome, I'm waiting for the ability to import playlists into webamp via http :)
Question: Hey Justin! Is there a way to show/hide individual dockers(only left/right/bottom) using DockWindowRemove, DockWindowAdd ? I tried this.With left docker. And DockWindowRemove hides well.But DockWindowAdd ingnoring pos(position?) and add to deafult dock(bottom)
Asked by Anthony (188.187.124.x) on September 5 2020, 1:37pm
Reply on September 5 2020, 5:12pm:
    Hmm I don't think so, that would be a nice API to add though for sure
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Question: There's this strange bug on the REAPER forums where some old posts don't display user signatures. No question, just wanted to inform!
Asked by John (93.136.28.x) on September 4 2020, 10:05am
Reply on September 5 2020, 12:16am:
Question: Are you going to update your Winamp plugin?
Asked by Vitali (148.81.197.x) on September 2 2020, 3:33pm
Reply on September 2 2020, 9:34pm:
Question: Why is this called ASS I/O? 1014.org/code/nullsoft/ass/
Asked by Victor (76.14.10.x) on September 2 2020, 7:21am
Reply on September 2 2020, 9:34pm:
    It's a joke, "a big ASS file" etc
Question: My old MacBook Pro 15" 2015 with Mojave playbacks very smooth 60fps 1080p video in REAPER (AVFoundation decoder). How to get the same smoothness 60fps playback on 12-core PC (Windows 10)? I tried different ffmpeg/vlc/dshow decoders and used recommended codecs, but I still jerky playback ~35fps in blank project (only video). Doubling the frame rate to 120 fps doesn't help. Video frame rate in the Project settings corresponds to the video item properties.
Asked by Sergei (213.129.38.x) on September 2 2020, 6:59am
Reply on September 2 2020, 9:35pm:
    What video renderer mode? Are you screens using hidpi scaling?
Question: What's your thoughts on Project Reunion, the real deal or a summer vocation project?
Asked by Gio (87.202.166.x) on September 1 2020, 9:33pm
Reply on September 2 2020, 9:35pm:
    I googled it but then lost interest before I could form an opinion :)
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