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Question: hey jf- have you had a go with an airbrush? (or any other arty spray types?)
Asked by 2023 (2.29.234.x) on March 9 2023, 10:19am
Reply on March 14 2023, 5:27pm:
    Nope but it sounds like fun
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Question: was the REAPER notation made in lua or is it a c++ extension?
Asked by a lua (201.48.183.x) on March 8 2023, 4:06am
Reply on March 8 2023, 10:11pm:
    C++, though there was some initial prototyping in Lua it isn't used anymore
Question: are you gonna make a Reaper OS in the future?
Asked by gompootah (211.221.71.x) on March 8 2023, 12:05am
Reply on March 8 2023, 10:11pm:
    hah no way
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Question: Mmm, very nice touch to keep wdltypes.h compatible with ANSI C. Always handy for our C projects. It looks to me that support for later C standards from M$ did more harm than good as many projects upgraded mindlessly without putting any consideration for their users [?]
Asked by Gio (94.70.16.x) on March 6 2023, 9:38pm
Reply on March 8 2023, 10:11pm:
Question: hey jf- how do you feel about secrets...(of any kind).. privately,nationally or globally? good thing,or ¿
Asked by 2023 (2.29.234.x) on March 6 2023, 1:38pm
Reply on March 8 2023, 10:12pm:
    I dunno, probably some things are good to be secret, but there are probably too many secrets overall.
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Question: hello! i cant say everything i want to because of the limit, but your previous work with winamp is really inspiring to me as someone whos always had to sit through ads to listen to music before i found an old version (2.95) i could download. I hate the new one tbh, not a fan of nfts either. ive been learning code since i was 13 maybe, 16 now, and i really want to develop something useful or fun that doesnt need a monthly subscription for the bare minimum some day. You inspire me that way, youre really cool!
Asked by August (100.15.98.x) on March 6 2023, 2:26am
Reply on March 6 2023, 4:19am:
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Question: are you aware of any public swell code that does a tab control?
Asked by olilarkin (193.32.210.x) on March 5 2023, 9:51pm
Reply on March 6 2023, 4:19am:
    That uses one? Not sure! You want some examples?
Question: Do you like beans? Any favorite type of beans?
Asked by heya (191.54.63.x) on March 4 2023, 7:46pm
Reply on March 5 2023, 7:45pm (edited at March 5 2023, 7:46pm):
    I do like beans! Favorite? That would be hard to say. In a burrito I'd go pinto. But lentils are awesome too. And black-eyed peas. And don't get me started on string beans.

    Now I find myself wanting a bean arch.
Question: Have you ever given up on programming something because you just couldn't figure it out? If so, what's something off hand?
Asked by Will (23.125.224.x) on March 4 2023, 12:30am
Reply on March 5 2023, 7:48pm:
    Giving up usually is due to a too-high effort/reward ratio. I don't think I've had a programming situation where I was desperate for something but could not make it work, but I've had plenty of times where I couldn't make something work and I was like "meh not worth it."
Question: Any recent Reaper user scripts that make you go the most "whaaaat, this is amazing!"
Asked by sonicowl (89.233.113.x) on March 3 2023, 11:54am
Reply on March 5 2023, 7:48pm:
    Sure yeah but I don't spend a lot of time there so I don't pay too close of attention
Question: What is the hardest way to learn how to code?
Asked by Tumelo (196.202.245.x) on March 2 2023, 3:28pm
Reply on March 3 2023, 5:41am:
    Looking at the raw bits (not bytes even) of an executable and figuring out what it does without running it and without any reference and without any tools
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Question: I'm read you attended Verde Valley School in Sedona and that greatly inspires me. Do you spend time in Sedona anymore?
Asked by Kevin (89.187.182.x) on March 2 2023, 12:38pm
Reply on March 3 2023, 5:41am:
    I don't get back much anymore, but I do miss running the trails 'round there.
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Question: hey jf- would it be ok to rip a couple of your/groupsrecent trax for some sillyish serato.stems reawork ‱ reamashing ‱ reamangling session ¿ (just for science purposes of course)
Asked by 2023 (2.29.234.x) on March 1 2023, 9:24am
Reply on March 1 2023, 6:40pm:
    You want stems? Let me know which track and I can provide
Question: Are you on the fediverse? (Mastodon)
Asked by Kevin (152.173.34.x) on March 1 2023, 6:06am
Reply on March 1 2023, 6:40pm:
    yep @justin@cockos.net
Question: why is there an unanswered question from "November 30 2021, 5:20pm"
Asked by unanswered (188.214.106.x) on February 27 2023, 1:43pm
Reply on February 27 2023, 5:25pm:
    Ooops, thanks, answered!
Question: Are you consider trying Hogwarts Legacy?
Asked by Chris (77.64.160.x) on February 25 2023, 11:44pm
Reply on February 27 2023, 12:33am:
    fuck no
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Question: It looks like linking with wsock32 and just including jnetlib in the build for an executable is possible to trigger false positive for a virus even if the code is never called. False positives have been a huge problem... currently thinking for a late release model if that is going to help the situation a little bit. Any other thoughts? Thanks
Asked by Gio (79.130.187.x) on February 25 2023, 3:49am
Reply on February 25 2023, 4:20am:
    Dunno, false positives are always possible. Best to report them early and often and hope that the developers of the antivirus software fix their heuristic...
Question: hey jf- does the "golden ratio" mean anything more than just a numerical value to you? (it appears to connect across a wide range of topics,including people dimensions for eg)
Asked by 2023 (2.29.234.x) on February 24 2023, 8:45pm
Reply on February 25 2023, 1:52am:
    It's real pretty, for sure
Question: Long time fan, first time caller. Do you happen to remember SongMeanings? We announced our beta on the Winamp forums in March 2001 or so. Wondering if we were ever on Nullsoft's radar. We had a minibrowser plugin! Such fond memories of the Winamp days. Hope all is well.
Asked by Kevin (74.131.5.x) on February 24 2023, 12:41am
Reply on February 25 2023, 1:51am:
    I can't say I remember, but it's been over 20 years! :)
Question: hey jf- was hoping to find an answer why some jsfx will not load through the reaplug vst thinggy? (is their a simple fix for ALL jsfx to actually load this way?) thanx.
Asked by 2023 (2.29.234.x) on February 23 2023, 12:20pm
Reply on February 23 2023, 4:14pm:
    reajs is pretty out of date, probably that's the cause. they could probably be modified slightly to work, though.
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